4 Holiday Gifting Tips for your Business—How to use Packaging to Build your Business and Spread Holiday Cheer

Leaves are changing colors, temperature is dropping and Thanksgiving is over. You were probably even seeing Christmas decorations in big box stores long before now. It’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts. We buy for friends, family, neighbors, but as the year comes to a close, business owner everywhere are faced with a similar choice: to give or not to give.

top view of gift accented with red ribbon

Sure, a holiday gift can be a warm, fuzzy gesture, but it’s also a marketing tool. So, what are the reasons for sending business gifts? The first reason is the most simple: to thank someone for their business or help that year. The second reason is to make sure you stay top of mind, and to get your name out there. But when all is said and done, will you get a return on that gift investment? After all, saying thank you does takes time and money.

Just do a quick search for holiday gift baskets. You’ll get pages of results. And while it makes the task of sending a gift easier, does it say anything about your brand? Will it be memorable?

We’ve come up with 4 tips that will not only show you care, but will stand out (and not end up sitting in a conference room looking anonymous or overly-branded.)

1. Use your talents or products

If your business involves a unique product (cookies, coffee, art, jewelry), design a holiday themed custom box around that product. Then send it out to suppliers, vendors and/or customers. The product itself doesn’t need to be branded. That’s what the packaging is for. What you want, is for the quality of your product to speak for itself. To stand out, you have to show a lot of thought and somehow tie it to your business.

themed Feliz Navidad gift boxes

2. Give something useful

This one may take a little more planning, but it has the added bonus of being extra personalized. Look for something that will make life easier for them or solves a problem. When you give the gift, be sure to explain in a note why you selected it and why you thought they would appreciate it. Each time they use your gift, they will think of you.

3. Tie it to your company values

We recently spoke with Luisa Lopez from Morales Group. They use branded boxes to show pride in their roots. “We went back to our Latin American roots to bring the tradition of welcoming others with food and drinks.” They give their boxes to show appreciation to clients throughout the year, but this idea could easily be tailored to the holiday season.

Lopez explains, “we include garlic and green chile pistachios, ground coffee from a variety of Latin American countries, a branded coffee mug with a cork bottom, and an nice pen along with a branded sticky notepad. Every single gift is also accompanied by a handwritten thank you card.”

branded boxes for the Morales Group

4. Design your packaging to look like a gift wrapped box

Don’t just stick a bow on it. Don’t spend time wrangling paper, tape and scissors. Send off your gift in a “wrapped” box with your own brand colors like Dearfoams did (or use Christmas colors) – the beauty of true customization is that the end product matches your vision.

Chances are, your gift won’t be the only one the people on your list receive, but these tips may help you be their favorite. People want to do business with those they trust and like. Sending it out right will distinguish your business as a preferred partner. Visit CompanyBox to design your own custom holiday packaging.

branded gift boxes for Dearfoams

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