Am I charged by the amount of colors I use?

The price you see is what you will be charged. Use every color of the rainbow if you want!

Am I limited to printing only on the outside of the box?

Not at all!  You can print on the inside of most corrugated structures.

If it is available for your box style all you have to do is choose 2-Sided when you select the dimensions of your box.
You can then design on both sides of your box using our online tools or uploading graphics that you have already created.

Are there design guidelines I can follow?

Absolutely! Our design guidelines can be found here.

Here’s some key points to remember when using text and line art in your designs:

  • We recommend no smaller than 12 point text—smaller text can look good on-screen but will not print well.
  • Try to keep text in bold colors—made up of one or two inks only (C, M, Y, or K).
  • Art work registration to any panel may vary up to 1/8 of an inch.
  • Include at least a 0.25-inch bleed in areas where graphics extend past the die line.
  • When printing lines in a solid or dark color, they should be no thinner than 1 point.
  • Make sure all fonts are embedded or outlined.
  • Save your designs using the ‘Adobe PDF/X-1a’ preset, where possible.
Are there hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees. The price you see updates real time and includes printing, cutting and gluing if needed. Once you put the order in your cart you will be able to see a shipping price.

B-flute, E-flute, C-flute; what is the difference?

Flutes give strength and structure to boxes,  serving as a protector, insulator and cushioning device. Our system is set up to automatically select the flute options that will function best for your box size and style.

E-flute is ideal for high quality printing with a thickness of 1/16″. It is generally used for mailers and some specialty displays like the beer and wine cases.

F-flute is half as thick as E-flute making it our lightest packaging option. Since this has the largest number of flutes per foot, it also allows for the most accurate folding operations. You’ll see F-flute offered in our smallest sizes.

B-flute is a good alternative to E-flute when wanting to support heavier items. With a thickness of 1/8″ and shorter flutes, this type of box still provides a rigid, flat surface for printing.

C-flute is commonly used for shippers. The flutes are taller here at 3/16″, giving C-flute somewhat better cushioning properties than B-flute.

Looking for more information on flutes? Check out our post on it here.

flutes image
Can I ask for changes after I receive my final design?

For all design service projects, once you have received your final design, one free revision is included in the process. 

Can I design offline?

Absolutely. Simply download our template and design with even more control using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or CorelDRAW. Check out a more detailed look at our graphics guidelines here!

Can I pick up my order?

CompanyBox is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and Geneva, Ohio. For customers located near our facility, we do offer a free pickup option. All orders, including pickups are subject to our current lead time for production from the date of proof approval. We will call you as soon as your order is complete to schedule a pickup time.

Can I print white ink on a kraft box?

Currently, we do not offer white ink. Our digital print supports the CMYK color spectrum. An alternative method you may want to consider is to replicate the look of white ink of a kraft box. We recommend you use a white box and simulate the kraft material with ink as a photo-based background.

Can I save my work and come back to it later?

Just create an account to take advantage of unlimited storage design. You can also revisit templates you’ve ordered in the past, if you want to reorder more.

Can you print boxes with a glossy finish?

If you want to enhance the look of your box, try out our gloss finish. It will really make it pop! This finish is a unique solution accomplished through a UV curing process. If you’d like to see it first hand before you order, check out the sample kit.

Note: Make sure to choose Premium White paper with a gloss finish while on our site. Gloss finish is not available on our Kraft or Standard White boxes because it may cause the ink to look spotty. 

Can you ship my order outside the United States?

At this time, we offer shipping within the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, we are not currently able to offer overseas shipping. If you are interested in being added to our international shipping wait list, please contact us at

Do you have any discounts?

We do! Sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive discounts we offer throughout the year. We also work with companies on a case by case basis for discounted pricing on large orders. Our team can work on a custom quote for quantities over 12,000.

Do you have any standards that guide what you will or will not print?

CompanyBox does not accept artwork or text portraying nudity, sexual activity, violence, criminal activity, terrorist propaganda or hate speech of any nature. We define hate speech as a direct attack on people based on race, national origin, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or disability. We are also committed to banning content that encourages real-world harm, including physical, financial and emotional injury.

CompanyBox takes intellectual property rights seriously and believes they are important to promoting creativity and expression. However, we ask that you respect other people’s copyrights, trademarks and other legal rights.

The goal of our Printing Standards is to encourage expression and create a safe environment. It should be noted that not all content banned by CompanyBox is necessarily illegal in the U.S or other countries. As a private company, we hold the right to set our own standards.

Any submitted artwork that is in violation of our Printing Standards will be rejected.

Do you have design services?

Absolutely! We have a fantastic team of structural and graphic designers who can bring your vision to life. Hourly design charges apply. Visit this page for more information or call/email us to discuss your ideas!

Do you offer food safe ink?

CompanyBox has two main printers for fulfilling your custom packaging products. For our food business customers, we always use our Luxe printer, which operates with water-based ink that’s odorless and safe for foods. This ink meets stringent food packaging guidelines, as outlined by Nestle and the Swiss Ordinance. It’s safe for both primary and secondary food packaging. Download the PDF to learn more about our HP water-based inks.

Do you offer inserts for my box?

Yes, we do. We have a talented team of structural designers who can help. Design work typically takes 2-3 business days. Email or call us with your idea and we will be happy to work with you.

Do you offer rush production?

We normally offer 5 -8 business day rush production for order of 250 or more. Please call or email to request this. We strongly recommend adding expedited shipping so your order is not held up because of shipping.

Do you offer rush shipping?

We do offer expedited services. Call for a quote to discuss lead times. Due to the COVID pandemic, this service may be limited. Please be kind and understand we are doing all we can to offer rush shipping.

Do you outsource my order to someone else?

We are the manufacturer. We do the printing, cutting and gluing in-house. We oversee your product from beginning to end. This means we can walk over to check on your order anytime during production!

Does CompanyBox recycle scrap material?

All of our corrugated raw material is recyclable and CompanyBox recycles 100% of our scrap material.

Does your ink smear?

Smearing is never a factor because we use UV inks that are cured with LED and UV lamps. And while our new C-500 digital printer uses water-based inks, the printing process is tried and true, so you can rest assured that smearing is a non-issue.

For design services, how will my final concept be delivered?

Graphic designs will be delivered as a PDF showing inside and outside design. Structural designs will be sent as 3D rendering. If you paid for a sample, it will be delivered to the address you provided.  

How can I get in touch with someone about my order?

We are here for you! You can email us at, use our online chat feature or call us at 877.926.3223

How can I track the status of my order?

You can easily see the status of your order by logging into your CompanyBox account. Here you will also find your tracking number once your order ships.

How do I add bleed to my design?

Using bleed is a super important part of the design process in packaging. We’ll show you how to design both online and in Adobe Illustrator here.

How do I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order any time before you approve your proof. Please note that cancellation fees may apply. Once we receive proof approval, the order goes to production and cannot be canceled. Custom sample orders go straight into production without proof approval and cannot be cancelled.


Take your design offline for even more control! We recommend using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or CorelDRAW. Download our instructional PDF for more details or take a peek at our graphics guidelines.

How do I get started with custom design services?

Our Custom Design Shop process begins by filling out the design time form. Someone from our team will be in touch within 48 hours. Download the prep questions ahead of time. 

How do I know which board type to select?

We have tried to make it as easy as possible so we’ve gone ahead and chosen the best board type options for each product. When you are entering custom dimensions, click on the View Recommendations tab for a more detailed overview and help in making your choice.

How do I measure a box?

The industry standard measurements you see when ordering or customizing boxes, are almost always for the inside. It will be displayed as L x W x D. Be sure to round up to the nearest tenth of an inch. To read more about how to perfectly measure the interior and exterior of a box, read our post here!

How do I use the box builder?

Check out our quick video! We’re always happy to help talk you through it – just give us a ring.

How do you determine the length of my Design Shop project?

If you are looking for custom design consultation, our team will work with you to learn more about your needs and then base the time off the full scope of your project. 


We use water activated tape (gummed tape) that creates an immediate bond on corrugated material. Because the adhesive becomes active when wet, using a damp sponge works just fine. If you are planning to use large quantities of tape, we recommend purchasing a water-activated tape dispenser.

How many design revisions do I get?

Once you receive your proof, our design shop is happy to help make changes to get it just right. However, all design revisions require you to purchase design time. Check out our pricing and options for graphic and structural work. 

How much design time will I need?

If you are looking for custom design consultation, please fill out this form and our team will base the time off the full scope of your project.

How much is shipping?

Shipping rates are calculated based on the weight and size of your order. It will also depend on where you are located. We work directly with FedEx to ensure you receive top quality service and pricing.  We also offer freight shipping based on size and volume.

How will I know what my box is going to look like?

Make sure you click on the 3D Preview button! You will be able to see your design from every angle. You can also order just one box of any size and style with your design.

How will my order arrive? Do you offer freight?

We proudly work with FedEx to ship our orders. Depending on the size of your order, it will either arrive in a CompanyBox shipper or via freight on a pallet. Our site will calculate which option is best. If your order is shipping freight and being delivered to your home, we ask that you let us know so we can arrange a lift gate. This will prevent you from receiving any unforeseen charges. Do you live close to our office? Choose Free Pickup and we’ll have them boxed up and ready for you!

I want to see a sample before I order. Is this possible?

Absolutely! We have two options for samples. You can order our standard Sample Kit, which gives you a glimpse of our different materials, print quality and finishes – a great option for someone who needs help deciding what’s best for a packaging project. The other option is to order your own custom sample, complete with your design and messaging in any size or style. Simply enter a quantity of one (1) when checking out.

I want to upload an image. What is the recommended DPI?

We recommend a minimum of 200 DPI. Uploading images with less than 200 DPI may result in pixelation.

I’m a non-taxable customer. How do I place an order using my tax exempt status?

In order for your company to be considered for tax exemption status, you must provide a tax-exemption certificate. Email your certificate to Once your order is placed we are unable to refund any taxes.

Is sales tax charged?

If the packaging is used as part of your product and you submit a sales exempt form you will not be charged sales tax.

Is there a maximum order amount?

Our site accepts orders up to 12,000. For orders over this amount please call 877.926.3223 or email us at for a custom quote. We also offer quotes for flexographic or lithographic printing.

Note: Quoted prices are good for 30 days.  

Is there a minimum order amount?

The minimum order is just 1!

Is there a set up fee?

There are no set up fees unless you require professional design help. We have team of structural and graphic designers who work with our customers for an hourly fee.

Talk about the materials you use. Are they recyclable?

Yes. All our corrugated material is 100% recyclable. For our raw material, we proudly partner with a local supplier who is FSC certified and a member of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. We then convert that raw material into custom packaging. The recycled amount varies from 10% to 45%. (Our inner fluting is 100% recycled material). CompanyBox always recycles 100% of our scrap material.

Tell me about production and shipping times.

Production time refers to the time after you approve your proof, not including shipping transit time. All orders are produced in-house and shipped out on an average of 8 business days (after proof approval). Transit time then typically takes 3 to 5 days depending on your location. PLEASE NOTE: Due to nationwide Covid-19 impacts, our production time is 10-15 business days.

Expedited production refers to those orders that need to be shipped out in less than 8 days. This is available to customers for an additional fee. Call or email us to see if your order qualifies for expedited production.

Tell me about the pulp inserts for your wine packaging.

We throw in FREE pulp inserts for each Vinopackaging wine shipper and mailer you order! They have been designed to perfectly fit inside our boxes and not only help to protect your wine, but are compostable too. Made from 100% recycled material, they meet our goal to become more sustainable. 

While our products fit most bottles, we strongly suggest you order a sample to test proper fit. 

The preview looks blurry. Will it print that way?

No! The preview only shows how the graphics align on the box. The final print is much sharper as long as vector or high-resolution graphics are used. Our team will reach out to you if they think higher resolution or vector-based art is needed. We want to make sure you are 100% happy!

What are your color settings?

CompanyBox accepts artwork in both CMYK and RGB, however we encourage customers to convert images to CMYK before uploading. This ensures you will be able to soft-proof your CMYK images on you monitor and see color results after the conversion. Images supplied in RGB will be converted to CMYK with an automated process using embedded RGB profiles. Please be aware that screen colors (RGB) may appear duller or lack contrast when printed.

What are your shipping policies?

CompanyBox makes it easy to get your boxes shipped in a variety of ways. We offer standard shipping to any location in the United States. If you need boxes quickly, our Fedex Overnight® shipping option gives you an easy way to receive your order as soon as production is completed within 8 days.* All orders leave our facility on an average of 10 business days plus transit time depending on your location. For larger orders, we are happy to work with you to ship with the carrier of your choice. CompanyBox prides itself on giving you options no matter what. *PLEASE NOTE: Due to nationwide Covid-19 impacts, our production time is 10-15 business days.

Our shipping options:

  • FedEx Ground®
  • Fedex Overnight®
  • Choose Your Own Shipping on Larger Orders
What design formats do you accept?

Graphics and text designs (basically any non-photographic content) are best submitted as either vector-based PDFs or Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files. This ensures lines and text are crisp. Please make sure there are no cut or crop lines, all transparencies have been flattened, and all fonts are embedded (or outlined) before saving your designs.

To do this in Adobe Illustrator: select all the text and choose Type > Create Outlines. For best results, we recommend using the following preset to preflight your designs: Adobe PDF/X-1a.

What do I get with Luxe printing?

We launched our Luxe printing because we wanted an option with safe, water-based ink. It’s an earth friendly choice, but Luxe also means it’s odorless, extra high resolution and more vibrant. All Luxe orders are printed on our semi-gloss paper. To see the difference between Luxe and Standard printing click here.

What do the red and black lines mean on the design template?

The black lines indicate where the box will be cut and the red lines show where there is a fold. No worries though, these lines will not be printed on your box.

What if I am not satisfied with my order? Do you offer refunds?

Our hope is that you are thrilled with your packaging. Because our business is 100% custom work, once an order is printed we are unable to offer returns or exchanges unless the item is damaged. If you receive a defective item, please contact us at

What is the difference between your materials and finishes?

Standard White is the typical corrugated material used for packaging. It has slight variations in the white color if you look very closely.

Premium White is our high performer. It will add a look of luxury to your print. Premium White is available in both a matte and gloss finish. Gloss finish is a process where ink is cured to appear glossier than a traditional matte finish. It is only available on Premium White.

Kraft is the standard brown material you see on boxes, but once you add your branding (logo, color!) it’s not so standard anymore. Be sure to think about the colors you use when choosing this material. Colors will look darker on Kraft than colors printed on Standard or Premium White.

Will I see a proof when I place my order?

We’ll send a proof for you to approve within two business days of receiving your order. This is your chance to make any slight changes to placement, colors and image quality. Once you approve, the order goes to production. If you haven’t received your proof within two business days of ordering, please contact us to ensure we have your correct email address.

*Please note: Orders with a quantity of 1 will be printed and shipped out in 3 – 5 business days. A proof will not be sent beforehand. 

With structural designs, can I send my product in to ensure best fit?

If a design will be built around a specific product(s), we encourage you to send a sample to us so we can be sure to create the best possible box. We’re happy to ship it back to you! 

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