Badget’s Startup Branding Reached a New Level With CompanyBox

Want to get noticed during conferences, tradeshows, networking and sporting events? That simple question led to the founding of Badget, a tech startup specializing in app controlled LED badges that can programed with up to eight unique messages.

Co-founder of Badget, Kyle Patel was working in the startup space in San Francisco when he attended a sports conference. His eye was drawn to a fellow attendee who had an LED badge. When speaking to this individual, Patel found out that the messages needed to first be put on a CD and then manually uploaded and programed onto his badge. Out of interest, Patel bought the badge and wore it around the conference.

“I got great responses,” Patel said. “The guy started selling more badges because people saw me wearing one.” Patel wanted to find a way to program the messages and animations wirelessly. He knew an app would make the process seamless. So he and his brother Amit founded Badget.

Badget’s LED badges
Creativity for all

The new company began by targeting sales teams ahead of conferences so they could advertise their startup branding through LED badge messaging. However, like most businesses during the pandemic, they’ve had to shift their focus.

“We’re now getting creative with promoting social distancing on the badges,” Patel said. “Our main market has always been events and businesses, but we’ve had a surge of people outside that space purchasing badges throughout the pandemic.”

People are being innovative and have found endless ways to use Badget. Parents have stuck them on the fridge to display their kids’ chores. School nurses wear them around their necks to remind kids to have masks on. And a roofing team even bought badges so they can advertise deals. He notes, “It’s been a huge asset because people can see the messages without having to be too close or be handed a flyer.”

Personalized Experience

When it came to the packaging, Patel reflected on his years as an expert in retail. He witnessed the power of good packaging. “I saw people opening boxes and watched their expressions – how faces lit up when they unboxed things. So when I started Badget, I knew our box was extremely important.

He was drawn to CompanyBox for his startup branding because the box size was crucial. “Everything was too big, leading to wasted space and extra shipping charges in order to protect the badges,” Patel said. He was able to design a box size that perfectly fit his badges.

When the box arrives, Badget customers find a badge that has been programed with a personalized message. Patel programs each one with the purchaser’s name because personalization and customization are key to a positive customer experience.

“People organically go and talk about their badge on social media after it arrives,” Patel said. “It’s custom all the way through – from the package it arrives in, to their name being automatically programmed.” With a price tag of just $20 and a free app to design your message, it’s easy to be the artist of your own badge. “People never expect how well the device will work and they’re delighted and surprised at the price point.”

As sporting events start to open back up for fans, Badget is positioned to help with stadium attendants. “Sports teams want to buy the badges to easily point out who is available to help.” One thing is for sure, the flashing, animated badges are hard to miss – and the possibilities for use are numberless.

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