CompanyBox Releases Customizable, Paper-Based Padded Mailers as an Eco-Friendly Replacement for Poly Mailers

Charlotte, January 2023- CompanyBox, the Charlotte-based corrugated packaging company announced they are adding a new generation of paper-based, padded mailers to their product line. Constructed of 100% recyclable, compostable materials and printed with eco-friendly water-based inks, the mailers were created to be a sustainable alternative to standard plastic bubble mailers.

The mailers are lightweight yet sturdy enough to protect a product from damage during shipping and are optimized for weight, flexibility, and impact resistance.


“We are so pleased to expand our environmentally friendly packaging options,” says Kyle DeJesus, President of CompanyBox. “They are the ideal replacement for a company already utilizing poly mailers as they check all the corporate sustainability boxes.”

The padded mailers use a revolutionary lightweight cushioning in lieu of multi-material plastic bubbles, enabling curbside recycling, as the cushioning easily separates from the paper fibers during the re-pulp process. They can be ordered in kraft or white and printed in full color with branding messages, logos, or imagery across the entire face of the mailer.

“What makes me truly excited about our new mailer is that it can be printed in 4-color,” says DeJesus. “We are one of the few companies in the world that can print paper-based mailers on both the front and back for a reasonable fee.”

CompanyBox’s paper-based mailers will be offered in kraft and white

The padded mailers will be available in four sizes: 7 x 10”, 10 x 12”, 12 x 15”, and 14 x 18”. Each features a peel-and-seal closure and an easy-open tear strip. Turnaround times are a swift 7-10 days and can be ordered online. See more detailed product information.

CompanyBox plans to release the mailers in early March 2023.


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