How To Effectively Use Packaging Post Covid-19

This week we had the opportunity to partner with the AICC and HP for a live webinar titled: E-Commerce & Corrugated Packaging Post Covid-19. Our founder and CEO, Louie DeJesus joined a knowledgeable panel of packaging experts. 

The group talked through the recent increase in e-commerce sales, why those numbers are skyrocketing and how people can use packaging to cut through the clutter to make connections with other humans. Over 175 people tuned in for the panel discussion, but if you missed it, no worries! Here are 4 key takeaways about post Covid-19 packaging:

e-commerce shopping with a woman

1. The pandemic has given a boost to e-commerce

Ron Sasine, principal of Hudson Windsor pointed out that we’ve seen e-commerce growth rates in the last 3 months that are equal to the forecasted growth for the next 4 years. So companies like Target, Walmart, Amazon and Kroger have reported end of first quarter and second quarter numbers that are ahead of all predictions for this year and next year. According to Retail Drive, 32.8% of shoppers are purchasing goods as much as they did before the Coronavirus outbreak. The big difference? Now they are making those purchases online.

2. Packaging can help make real connections

In the current conditions, it’s difficult to physically connect with customers. When a package arrives on a doorstep, people must go through that package to get to your product. That mean a box is not just a shipping vessel, but an important opportunity to display your brand’s human essence. Mark Mathes of Vanguard Packaging gave these actionable items for e-commerce companies to make connections:

  • Use the entire box- outside, inside and even the flaps
  • Incorporate imagery with people interacting with the product
  • Add QR codes directly on the box for a connection to loyalty programs
  • Set QR codes to trigger automated coupons 
  • Encourage customers to snap a picture of themselves using product and tag you
  • Offer ideas for additional uses for box once it’s opened.

3. Tamper-proof packaging puts people at ease

Let’s just say it. People are hyper focused on everything germ free right now, and justifiably so. Finding sanitizer or bleach in a store is like stumbling upon a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Then, you read reports of food delivery drivers sneaking a bite of your food. Louie DeJesus, the founder of CompanyBox explained post Covid-19 packaging will include sealed boxes, especially for food and medical products. That seal could be as simple as a well placed sticker or a box designed with an adhesive closure like the Snap2pack or Secure Pizza Box.

Tamper proof box with hand opening

4. Digital levels the playing ground

The introduction of digital printing has done a lot for small and medium sized businesses who could never play in the same space as large enterprises. In the past, box makers couldn’t run small quantity orders because it didn’t make sense economically. It “democratises design”, explains HP’s Ted Samotis.

The panelists each spoke about these new possibilities. Now that high graphics, quick turn-arounds and variable sizing are options, marketing teams can create multiple campaigns and use A/B testing to gather data. Companies can quickly change out designs and use cause marketing or address real world events. If used right, packaging will become your marketing vehicle.

A big thank you to the AICC, HP, the panelists and everyone who tuned in for the discussion. Covid-19 has affected the entire retail and e-commerce ecosystem. It has set the stage for a new way of connecting that could actually benefit your company if you’re willing to reshape your customer experience. Let’s continue the conversation.

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