How Ned carried their mission, their story and full transparency into custom designed packaging.
  • 600k+
    Customer Base
  • 1%
    Of All Sales to Support Environmental Causes
  • 5
    Styles of Boxes Used
  • 124,000
    Boxes Ordered

Ned is a wellness brand rooted in a mission, and belief to help people live better through the powers of the natural world.

With a line of full-spectrum hemp, CBD and other natural remedies, Ned has taken their mission and purpose and literally translated it into product. The story is woven throughout the products, videos, website, and packaging, helping Ned to be a fully transparent brand.


Positioned as a direct-to-consumer company, the founders of Ned knew the importance of customer experience. Everything the customer encounters is part of that journey, making it a critical direct access point. Packaging was an enormous part of that overall goal from the beginning.

To fit the brand’s overarching story, the boxes needed to give a sense of place to the products while maintaining a sense of transparency.

This brand was born out of seeking, searching and adventure. We wanted the packaging to give that kind of experience to our customers.

Adriaan ZimmermanNed Co-Founder

The goal was to design consumer packaging that took the recipient on the Ned journey from remote mountaintops to the fresh soil of a Colorado farm.

A local design agency took all of Ned’s quality ingredients; approachability, storytelling, human connection, and excellent customer experience – and mixed them into a complete package. Those designs were sent to CompanyBox for digital printing. The result was product packaging that served as an extension of the Ned brand.

At the launch of the business, resources were limited. Ned was able to place an order and financially manage the cost by keeping the first-order size small.


Ned’s social media interaction started to pick up with the addition of new products and the new packaging. Through the last few years, the company has worked with CompanyBox to print several iterations of their product packaging, always keeping the story front and center.

Ned’s honesty and transparency has allowed them to not only initiate a connection with customers, but nurture it. With a customer base of over 60,000, retention rates are high. And because they lift the veil, people know exactly what they are getting and where it’s coming from.

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