We want to help you think about the inside of the box too.

How can you easily add flair to the unboxing experience? What can you use to protect products during shipping? Just Spring-Fill it.


Recycled Material


Eco-friendly & Biodegradable


Protects products


Adds pop of color

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Colors are Better Together

Mix, match and make your own seasonal color combinations.

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Goodbye Same Old. Hello Bold.

We’ve teamed up with Spring-Fill to offer these top colors.

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Hear more about why we partnered with Spring-Fill.

Springfill and CompanyBox announce their new partnership on this episode of the SUBTA Studios Podcast. Learn what innovative things are happening with these two environmentally-conscious companies. Also, enjoy the knowledge bombs Company Box drops some about branding!

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Straightforward Pricing

Sold in 10-pound boxes

Color1 - 4 Boxes5 - 9 Boxes10+ Boxes
Light Pink$39.00$38.00$37.00
Lime Green$39.00$38.00$37.00
Royal Blue$39.00$38.00$37.00
Forest Green$39.00$38.00$37.00

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Just a Sprinkle
Just a Sprinkle
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Middle Ground
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Pack The House

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Add a finishing touch and brand beyond the box.

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