Brilliance Knows Jewelry Packaging is Just as Important as the Diamond Inside

Brilliance is a family owned and operated business that’s built a reputation as a leading diamond and engagement ring retailer over the past three decades. The company was born out of a wholesale model and has served more than 100,000 customers since 1989. With a mission to sell high quality diamonds directly to clients, their jewelry packaging serves as the retail store-front and the first tactile interaction clients have with the Brilliance brand.

cutting out the middleman

Before starting Brilliance, co-founders, Jacob and Jonathon Ohayon previously worked in the jewelry industry. They witnessed the high diamond markups being charged to clients by retail stores. “Jonathon envisioned getting rid of the middleman,” Meira Dickman, Head of Customer Satisfaction at Brilliance, said.  “He wanted to bring the client as close as possible to the source of diamonds and jewelry by selling directly and passing on the savings to the clients.”

Brilliance sets every engagement ring in-house.

Brilliance is also passing something else to every client; a promise to never use conflict diamonds. This zero-tolerance policy stands alongside a staunch commitment to support ethical standards in jewelry production and maintain environmental responsibility.

With the motto “Better Diamonds, Lower Prices “ Dickman says Brilliance offers the absolute best prices and selection available on the market and favors quality above all else. “We are the only company in our industry that makes all of our rings in the US and sets all our engagement rings in house.” The company’s 20 employees are made up of GIA Graduate Gemologists and experts with more than a decade of experience in the diamond and jewelry industry. Watch how their rings are made.

The Box That Holds the Ring Box

Focusing on a service and attention to detail to match that of a retailer, Brilliance knows their jewelry packaging is extra important. Custom pieces of jewelry must be protected throughout the shipping process, but the company recognizes there doesn’t need to be a choice between durability or beautiful jewelry packaging. High quality products deserve packaging of the same caliber.

“Packaging is the first thing people see when they open their product,” says Dickman. “If you have a delicious hamburger in a bland wrapper, that’s not going to whet your appetite. Our packaging lets you know that you can expect more from our company. It says you’re going to see an amazing product inside and it heightens the experience.”

Engagement rings are purchased during one of the most emotionally driven moments of a person’s life. Brilliance knows this. Receiving that package in the mail is a crucial and memorable part of the entire proposal experience. The company strives to exceed the expectation of that first impression in order to foster a positive and trustworthy relationship.

“We jump through hoops and do somersaults to get the best value for our clients,” explains Dickman. “Our Diamond Experts are tenacious when it comes to making sure their clients are taken care of.” As a whole, Brilliance has found a way to give clients a front-row seat to the creation of a perfect piece of jewelry for one of the most memorable moments of their lives.

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