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We at CompanyBox feel it is important to promote the great people and businesses we work with. We are happy to add a new category to our blog posts entitled “Customer Feature”, where we plan to highlight some of these companies and dive deeper into what it is they do. So without further ado, read on for our first customer feature.

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Source: All Girl Shave Club

Take a second to think about shaving. For some, it’s an every-day-something-I-need-to-get-done type of chore. Jessica Principe, the founder of All Girl Shave Club (and her supportive husband TJ) see it as a way to pamper yourself. Her subscription company will send a monthly box right to your front doorstep filled with goodies to make even the most rueful shaver get excited about shaving. Read more about why subscription companies like Jessica’s are doing so well here.

CompanyBox teamed up with All Girl Shave Club to create the perfect packaging for their monthly treats. Jessica explains more about her company:

We love the idea of All Girl Shave Club. What was your inspiration?

As a busy, working mom, I always found shaving to be such a chore. I never enjoyed the process and didn’t have time to seek out products that would make it easier or more fun. I kept thinking that since this was such a pain point for myself, it must be for other women too. I wanted to create a business around something that I believed in and that I knew would help others. I love the subscription business model and it just kind of grew organically from there. Once I started doing research (months and months of research!) I felt like it was the right path for me to take.

The success of the company has since spurred on thousands of entrepreneurs to follow suit offering their customers an opportunity to receive products or experiences they would have a hard time finding on their own.

What is included in one box?

I knew I wanted to include multiple subscription options. While I wanted to include a package that was strictly razors only, I also wanted to be able to offer unique, specialty shaving and body products in other packages for women like me – who didn’t have time to seek these things out, but who wanted a way to turn the chore of shaving into a little luxury infused timeout!

Therefore, we have two different packages currently, one is for razors only. With that package, the member receives 6 razor refills/replenishments every 2 months. With the second package, we call those our discovery packages, the member receives 8 razor refills/replenishments as well as 2-3 unique, specialty shaving and/or body products. We’re getting ready to add a third, which will include razors and our signature whipped shave butter as sort of a middle option. In addition to the subscription packages, we also sell one time “sample packages” in our online shop for those that want to try before subscribing.

What advantages do you see with subscription services in eCommerce?

I think subscription services just make sense. It’s a wonderful benefit for the consumer – they can receive their products on an automatic schedule saving them time and money. There are so many different types of subscription services, you can sign up for virtually anything this way and it’s awesome! I think the obvious benefit to the business is the recurring revenue and being able to better plan inventory.

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Source: All Girl Shave Club Instagram

What is your hope for the women who purchase an All Girl Shave Club subscription?

I truly hope that they will find more enjoyment in the process of shaving and that they will reap the benefits of what a few minutes of “me time” has on their lives. I know that when I take a few minutes for self care, I feel better about myself and in turn, I’m happier. Shaving doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be the 5 minutes of self care that every woman deserves….especially when using fun products! I believe that All Girl Shave Club offers the products to be able to achieve that.

What is the hardest aspect of running your business?

The hardest part of running the business is trying to set aside my constant struggle of being a perfectionist! There are about a million decisions that need to be made every day and sometimes I need to make them quickly and resist the urge to second guess myself. In situations where there isn’t a lot of time to make a certain decision, I just do my best to think about my customers first and trust that in doing that, everything will fall into place.

How would you rate your overall experience with CompanyBox?

Working with CompanyBox was awesome! I continue to refer colleagues to CompanyBox for their box solutions. Karim, Chad and Matt were all super helpful, friendly and quick to respond. The boxes are really great, especially for the price. It’s unheard of to have the inside of the box standard white, most are standard kraft and then those companies charge an enormous up charge for the white interior. That was one of the biggest selling points for me. The boxes are of high quality and the colors printed beautifully.

Visit All Girl Shave Club to order your first subscription.

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