Customer Feature: Seven Sisters Scones

To many people, a scone is a dense, dry biscuit-like cake. It brings to mind images of a quaint afternoon English tea. But with the revolution of the cupcake and then the donut world, why not create an updated version of the scone? That’s just what Hala Yassine and Farrah Haidar did with their company Seven Sisters Scones.

A photo of hearty scones, stacked on a wooden cutting board.

Their story is one of trial, error and persistence (as most good stories are). Hala started baking scones for her family and suggestions began rolling in for new flavors. Soon it was clear a business could be made and Hala began selling at farmers markets and then in 2015 opened a store in Johns Creek, Georgia. People liked this new type of scone. Flavors like Fig & Goat Cheese, Banana Toffee and Honey Lavender were intriguing and delicious. They even have gluten free options.

Custom packaging is important for a business like ours that has a strong brand that needs to be communicated at every touchpoint with our customers.

Once their online site went live, it was clear shipping would be a huge part of their business. And you can’t ship delicate products without using boxes. So, there was one question remaining. To use custom shippers or that same old brown box? 

Image of scones on a white background, in front of a printed box

“We wanted our customers to feel like they were getting something special; like they were part of a family. In the store, we can do that easily using signage, staff, etc… But, when you mail something out to the world, all you have speaking for you is your packaging. We wanted to design one that was functional, informative and beautiful.”

CompanyBox believes in cool packaging. So of course we were happy to help create custom boxes for Seven Sisters Scones. We also got a chance to ask Farrah a few questions about their business.

Photo of the owners of Seven Sisters Bakery in front of their display

Seven Sisters…are there really seven sisters involved!?

Yes, there really are seven sisters! Two of us are involved every day. The others are involved tangentially.

We read about how Hala first started baking scones at home. What a great story! How did you go about finding the right combinations and ingredients for new flavors?

It took a lot of testing and work! Hala is constantly creating new flavors and flavor combinations. We look everywhere for inspiration – the seasons, what’s on trend in the baking industry, customer feedback, etc… We often hold tasting parties in the sconedom and talk about the flavor, texture, smell, look and taste of the scones.

The menu looks so delicious! What are some of your favorite flavors?

Personally, I like savory more than sweet. Beer & Cheese is one of my favorites.

Do you have a company motto?

We may be small but we are mighty!

What is the hardest aspect of running your business?

Organizing time. It seems like there is always some small thing pulling at your attention. Being disciplined about what you focus on is key.

What is your favorite part of running your business?

Honestly? Building a place that supports people – our employees by providing a positive place to work; our customers by providing a top-notch product; and our families.

We at CompanyBox believe your packaging is more than just a box. It’s your chance to make your first impression count.

“Never underestimate the value of packaging. Packaging gets you the first sale. What’s inside gets you the second,” says Haidar. “We once delivered boxed lunches to a large catering client. The next time we came in, we heard employees saying, “OMG! The red box place is back!” Packaging sticks with people, especially if they love the product.”

Visit Seven Sisters Scones to place an order. (We tried out the mini scone sampler and they are so yummy!)

And don’t forget to up your packaging game with custom boxes from CompanyBox.

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