Customer Feature: Toad Skin Solutions

With the winter season upon us, dry skin is at the forefront of many people’s minds. But to Allan Holiday MD, it was something he thought about more than just in the winter. As a physician with over 25 years of experience he saw and treated people with diabetes. He noticed that dry skin was a common thread among his patients and set out to provide a safe, simple solution for everyday application. And that is how Toad Skin Solutions was born.

a collection of Tode branded materials

Located in the heart of the great plains, surrounded by the Flint Hills of Kansas, Toad Skin Solutions LLC launched its website just this year. They prefer to buy organic, fair trade products and products made in the USA.

We wanted to know more about this unique company and how custom packaging adds to the experience for their customers. First we asked how he went about finding the right combinations and ingredients for each of his products.

“I really studied skin and damaged skin and came up with a list of things that go wrong with skin that I could help with and then worked with a formulator to work out the details of the products. For example, there are several ways to help skin. (By using a) barrier/protective, or drawing water into the skin and replacing lost oils and nutrients. Each cream is designed for a specific purpose, and the ingredients are very safe, proven and work well.”

Allan worked with the team at S&N Design from Manhattan, KS and the duo produced the eye- catching images you find on their website. To take their brand to the next level, they chose to design custom boxes for their products with CompanyBox.

“The custom boxes are very high quality and help make an exceptional first impression. The graphics and printing were designed to be used with all four kits so it’s a savings not having 4 different boxes. It’s like getting a present in the mail and they get to open the outer package and then the cool present inside is a well-made high quality custom box. They will also keep the box to store their kit and other products. The box has a good sturdy feel and (is) well made. It also reflects on the brand we’re creating.”

a collection of Tode branded materials

One decision was to use a toad as their main image.  They explains more about this branding, “The top layer of the skin is sometimes called the horny layer, being rough, dry and scratchy. The skin on the horny toad’s back is very rough and scratchy and has a unique ability to retain moisture. The horny toad’s tummy is very soft and smooth, which is the goal of any skin moisturizing product”

With a motto “It’s ok. It’s ok to take care of yourself”, Toad Skin Solutions demonstrates how much they care about their customers. “As a physician I noticed most people usually worry about others and put themselves on the back burner. People often seem reluctant to be kind to themselves and almost neglect themselves sometimes. I like the motto because it lets people know it’s ok to care for yourself and it’s not selfish to do so.”

In fact, Allan’s favorite part of running his own business is knowing he is making an impact. “I like treating the customers like royalty, being honest about what we can do and providing a very safe solution to common problems. I think of all the people with painfully dry skin from diabetes, work, and weather. I enjoy knowing I’m being helpful in their lives.”

a collection of Tode branded materials

A special thanks to Allan Holiday for talking about his company and explaining why packaging is instrumental to making his brand stand out.

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