Exploring Authenticity with Branding in SeaVees

SeaVees looks and feels like a quintessential California brand. And it is, but not in the way you might think. The brand has had two lives. One started in 1964 and one in 2008. If you know SeaVees, this may come as a surprise. It seems like a brand that has been around forever, but SeaVees had a surprisingly short first life. It was dormant from 1971 until designer & entrepreneur, Steven Tiller, revived and relaunched it just over a decade ago. Its second life has already lasted longer than its first.

SeaVees Ad
Photo Credit: SeaVees

Embracing the Past

It’s rare for any brand to have a second chance after such a long hiatus, even rarer for that brand to so expertly tap the essence of the brand’s origin story. They’ve done it in a way that is accessible and relevant for a contemporary audience. It calls on the nearly mythical Southern California lifestyle, where the weather is perfect and the surroundings so beautiful time almost stands still. This is what allows brand adherents to believe SeaVees has been around forever. It’s also why owning a pair seems like a rite of passage. It’s the ‘red thread’ that gives SeaVees such a strong element of authenticity.

This authenticity shows itself throughout everything we see. From the imagery and marketing, to the packaging and the product itself.

SeaVees Ad
Photo Credit: SeaVees

Rebirth of a Brand

Visit the website today, and you feel like you’re on the beach near their Santa Barbara office. It’s casual, comfortable and feels completely California. Plus, all product names have a So Cal attribution.

SeaVees webpage
Photo Credit: SeaVees

When you receive your new SeaVees, the tactile expression of their branded packaging reinforces the core brand. The shoebox and the paper inside feel like something that was so good from the beginning that nothing ever had to change.

sevees packaging
Photo credit: SeaVees

This is packaging that all but guarantees a re-order. We love the consistent brand expression from start to finish, and especially the details in the packaging. (The tissue paper is custom printed with an original ad for SeaVees from the 1960s.)

Why we dig it: 

  • Authentic brand expression that is evident in every touchpoint.
  • Entrepreneur driven, rebirth of an iconic brand.
  • Packaging that reinforces an emotional connection with the brand
SeaVees store
Photo credit: SeaVees Instagram

True story – we love all things packaging. Interested in creating packaging to add authenticity to your brand? Let’s talk

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