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What do you want from your packaging? Do you want it to be easy to open? Simple to fold and pack? Branded for your business? Sized to save on shipping? Pose this question to 100 people and you’ll get all kinds of answers. And while we’ve got most of these things covered, there were two additional features people were asking for: self-sealing and returnable.

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We get it. Shippable packaging needs to be securely closed. Most of the time, this means packing tape, but it can be a hassle and an extra cost. Think about this: what if you could take tape out of the equation?

Our team of designers took the request seriously and developed something even better. Welcome the Snap2Pack. A mailer who is anything but ordinary. She’s sleek, secure and offers an extra printing surface on the inside (without 2 sided printing!) And for an extra bonus, has the option for a returnable tape strip- which reduces waste and saves on cost.

Snap2Pack tear strip

What does Snap2Pack offer?

We set out to make a product that was extra special, both inside and out.

Secure : Tamper proof seal for mailing important items.

Tear Strip : No cutting to open. Simply pull the tab for a clean entry.

No Tape : Adhesive closure included on all packages.

Returnable : Order with an additional tape strip to allow your customer to return. They just fill, close and reseal.

Standard Sizes : We’ve researched the top 21 sizes and included all of them.

Shallow Depth : For small, thinner products, we’ve brought in microflute material for depths of one inch or less.

Safe : All Snap2Pack boxes are produced using water-based, odorless ink.

21 sizes of Snap2Pack

If you’d like to get a closer look, start by checking out the 21 sizes Snap2Pack has to offer. If you’re looking for a custom size not offered, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your options.

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