LUXE: Your options to stand out are now limitless

Our most luxurious, beautiful option; Luxe printing is sure to set your brand apart. CompanyBox can now offer food-safe printing for both primary and secondary corrugated packaging, requiring no additional barriers. Printed on the new HP C500, Luxe is also a great choice for those high resolution images and perfect tiny details. Nothing will make a bolder statement.

Two employees man a large industrial printer

What makes Luxe different?

  • Food safe & odorless
  • True water-based ink
  • Meets Nestle guidance and Swiss Ordinance stringent food packaging demands
  • Use text as small as 4 pt without blurring
  • Perfect skin tone printing
  • Great for the highest resolution images  (600 dpi)
  • True lithographic replacement
  • Shows off small details and vibrant colors
  • Available in matte and gloss finishes

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