One Girl Inspired: A Box with Purpose for Teen Girls

Each year, in lieu of a New Year’s Resolution, Deana Hicks chooses a word. Her word for 2019 was ‘purpose’. As she reflected on that word while watching her daughter enter her teen years, Deana began looking for new ways to relate. How could she start a conversation without an eye roll? That’s when she made the decision to start a subscription business focused on teen girls.

“I wanted to find a way to empower girls without being preachy – on topics that could help them build confidence to be the best version of themselves,” says Hicks.

One Girl Inspired monthly themes

She named her company One Girl Inspired – a monthly subscription box to inspire, empower and motivate teen girls to believe in themselves, dream big, and make their own mark on the world. In May of 2019 the first box went out. From the beginning, Deana planned to focus on tools and messaging that was fun and inspirational. Very quickly though, she decided her target was not just for teen girls. It was also for their parents. And it was more than a fun subscription box. This was going to be a way to build up the next generation.

2020 teen girls

Deana is right; the world is a different place today than it was 30 years ago. They have more pressure than ever to be perfect and look perfect. “Teenagers are navigating crazy times with social media and now Covid. We need to help our daughters feel like they’re not being defined by likes or follows.” she notes. “I had an opportunity as an entrepreneur to make life better.”

Coming from a marketing background, Hicks knew custom packaging would be an important part of One Girls Inspired. She explains, “Girls love to get cute packages.” After ordering from a packaging company across the country, she found CompanyBox. Our team read Deana’s story in a local paper and invited Dena and her daughter to come for a visit. “CompanyBox reached out to me to invite us in. That’s what made me realize this company was involved.” 

Inspiring confidence

One Girl Inspired now has hundreds of subscribers and is growing steadily as a one woman show. But Hicks credits that slow and steady growth for giving her the chance to be agile and change the experience. Each box incorporates a different themed message but always focuses on motivating and inspiring girls to be the best version of who they are.

With the hashtag, #MakeYourOwnMark on the One Girl Inspired website, teen girls are indeed feeling inspired. “We have mother’s reaching out thanking us. Girls are asking for our subscription boxes as gifts.”

At CompanyBox, it reminds us of the power in affirmations. Every thought we think, is creating our future. “I remember being a kid,” says Hicks. “Now, as adults, we’re all in it together. My daughter has given me a reason to try to affect change.”

One Girl Inspired custom box

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