The New CompanyBox: The 5 Changes We Made

When we first started CompanyBox we had big dreams. We wanted people to visit us to make their own brands better. We saw a huge open space on the side of boxes and knew we could help fill that space with color, logos and brand information. Think about it. The first experience someone has with a product is the outside packaging. What a huge opportunity to make an impact!

delivery man holding a stack of boxes

Our startup website launched in 2016 and we loved it. Loved seeing the unique companies out there, both big and small who reached out to us for custom boxes. We loved hearing success stories- those business benefited when they put more time into their brand.

Along the way, we were taking notes. Notes on how to improve, what additional features our customers were looking for and how fast our orders were processed, printed and then delivered. You know the saying “You cannot grow unless you’re willing to change”- well, we are ready and willing.

After listening to our customers and compiling all our notes, we decided to make some changes. Here are the 5 things CompanyBox recently did to improve our business, and more importantly, improve your customer experience.

1. Fresh, new look with improved design tools.

Even though you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, it’s clear a lot can be said by first impressions. We wanted each visit to our site to be easy to navigate. It was important every page was colorful, informative and inspiring. And while the old site worked perfectly well, it was obvious we needed to hit the refresh button.

So, we added more photos, more guidelines, and streamlined the customer process adding in a chat line for quicker response time. We also made sure to improve our 3D preview for you the designer. Now you can see your rendering in a larger size and at a faster rate.

woman taking notes

2. New product!

Custom boxes aren’t just for shipping and displays. We wanted to start thinking outside the box (pun intended). Think about the last time you were at a festival or event. Can you remember what the trash containers looked like? Probably not. They normally aren’t something that makes a lasting impression.

Trash/recycling containers are no different than billboards. They both have a space where hundreds or thousands of people pass by. It’s a space to be highlighted, not ignored. Now imagine if you saw something like this.

a branded trashcan for the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair

Here is a chance to grab some attention. Our new Event Trash Boxes are just like small billboards. With a few differences- these are billboards that not only advertise, but serve a function (collection!) and have four sides (not two!).

Each of the four sides can be printed differently or split to promote an event/company on top and then highlight the sponsor on the bottom.

And don’t forget about the top- our event boxes includes customizable lids to designate different waste collection options (waste, recyclable plastic, bottles, et cetera).

Psst…. they are 100% recyclable and have an option of eco-friendly liners too!

3. Custom Samples

This was a big one. In fact, it was our number one request from you. And we understood the need. You wanted to see your design and be able to inspect it before hitting that button to order more.

Now it’s possible. For one set price, you can now choose your size and style, create your design and print in as many colors as you want. Then we’ll mail it to your doorstep for final approval.

4. New shipping options and better cost estimation

Did you know we print everything in-house? We never outsource, which means we don’t need to add hidden costs for shipping or product pricing. Now included is a smart shipper that knows whether you need to ship regular FedEx or freight depending on how much you are ordering.

How about if you live close to our warehouse or want to send your own truck? CompanyBox is now offering customer pickup as a free option.

5. New printers. New building.

We are so excited for this one. Picture us jumping up and down, giving high fives. Our goal has always been to embrace technology and bring a higher level of quality to our customers. That’s why we’ve purchased new printers for our production facility. Coming in the summer of 2018, the HP PageWide C500 Press has the ability to print boxes at a faster rate with even better quality than our current printer. How much can it print? How about a semi-truck load every hour!

HP PageWide C500 Press rendering
Source: HP

To accommodate our new printers along with our growing business, we are opening a larger facility. CompanyBox is setting the bar high- bringing in the most up-to-date printing and cutting equipment in the industry. Slated to be ready by the beginning of February 2018, it will further optimize the relation between speed, efficiency and a quality product.

Our mission is to continually and seamlessly integrate changes to CompanyBox. These are the most recent updates we have made, but know that we are far from being finished. We never want to stop improving. Never want to stop doing something new. That’s a motto to live by.

How can we help?

We’re all ears. Drop us a line and we’ll get in touch!

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