Unboxing Branded Packaging: Making Magic with 3 Fairy Godmothers

In recent years, unboxing has gone from being an online fad, to a powerful e-commerce marketing tool. Ordinary consumers are unwrapping packaging for everyone’s viewing pleasure and becoming the internet’s word-of-mouth method. In fact, a study by Google revealed 1 in 5 buyers have watched an unboxing video and YouTube has more than 3 billion views in this category. But, if you want to make a lasting impression on video, your packaging and presentation is a vital ingredient.  

Bibbidi Boxes Disney fandom gear
focused beginnings

For e-commerce consumers, it’s about the excitement and anticipation experienced by the presentation of a packaged product. This study found that attractive packaging actually activates brain responses in regions associated with reward. It’s much like opening a thoughtful gift – and brands like Bibbidi Boxes, a multi-fandom subscription box are well versed in creating this type of experience.  

Rebecca Cantrell, co-founder of Bibbidi Boxes, thought carefully about the customer journey. “We wanted the arrival of our boxes to be as exciting as the unboxing itself,” she says. “Our team has been focused on branded boxes from the beginning.”  

The business started when Cantrell, her sister Amanda and mother Brenda got the idea to share their love of all things Disney. A self-proclaimed geek, Rebecca knew there were other adults who loved fandom gear as much as her family. They began offering curated subscription boxes full of park memorabilia, fandom wear and custom products. “We started in my mom’s basement,” she explains. “Now we have a dedicated space.”  

more than a plain box 

With a focus on branded packaging, Bibbidi Boxes contacted CompanyBox. The two companies have been working together since 2018. “Bibbidi Boxes are so clever with their packaging,” notes Cara Walters, Marketing Lead at CompanyBox. “They have created something that takes on the positive attributes of the brand itself. This is what turns customers into repeat business.”

Rebecca explains “My sister Amanda is very aesthetically driven. We couldn’t use just a plain box.” 

unboxing magic

The decision to use custom packaging as a marketing tool has worked. With over 57,000 followers on Instagram, customers and followers look forward to seeing the boxes in social posts and on their doorstep. They also make regular appearances in many creative unboxing videos with views numbering in the thousands. That’s a lot of happy ultimate Disney fans. 

“We’re three fairy godmothers making the magic in these boxes,” jokes Cantrell.  

Magic indeed. Bibbidi Boxes has expanded that magic into other themed boxes as well. They now offer a Harry Potter themed “Wizard’s Vault”, a Star Wars focused “Galaxy Box”, as well as a Marvel themed “Universe Box”. 

Bibbidi Boxes Universe Box

If you’re looking for ways to wow your customers with an unboxing experience, check out more Bibbidi Boxes unboxing videos.

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