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Bright colors, playful design and quirky social videos. Just a few of the reasons why we’re digging the look of JAJA, the tequila brand that was established in New York City by Martin Hoffstein, Maurice Tebele and Elliot Tebele.

JAJA, which translates to “HaHa” in English, surely stands out in a bar. The labels pull in the landscape of its birthplace (Jalisco, Mexico) in pink and blue hues, creating a look that’s colorful, celebratory and youthful.

JAJA tequila bottles
Photo credit: JAJA

The goal was to create a high-quality tequila that didn’t look like it was meant to be drank by older men in a dark bar. Their site states “JAJA is a small batch tequila that brings laughter and celebration to family and friends.”

It’s also the core values that makes the brand stand out. Taking on a responsibility to protect the environment and incorporate sustainable practices, JAJA focuses on healthy working conditions for the harvesters and makes donations to non-profit Tequila Interchange Project. They also work to sustain bat life in Jalisco. (Bats prey on Agave, an essential part of the ecosystem in Jalisco.)

JAJA's branded truck
photo credit: JAJA Facebook

Moreover, the materials they use are renewable. Over 30% of the bottle is comprised of recycled materials and the packaging uses no plastic. That means only wood/paper corks and labels.

Looking for inspiration to have some fun with your brand? Head over to JAJA’S social pages and take a look around. It certainly put a smile on our face. Cheers.

JAJA branded bilboard
photo credit: JAJA Facebook

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