3 Ways To Build Your Brand’s Reputation

Building strong brand reputation is an important tool to improve your business’ marketing and advertising goals. In a highly competitive market, having name recognition helps set you apart from the rest. It ensures that consumers remember your brand when they’re in need of your product or service. It also helps your business attract a loyal client base that will continue to support you in the long run.

There are many strategies to create a solid reputation for your brand. Different aspects of the business need to be considered, and strategies should be in line with your brand’s unique messaging. Below, we review 3 key strategies to build your brand’s reputation and ultimately grow your business.

Building a brand's reputation with custom packaging
Promotional events

Promotional events are an interactive and effective way to build your brand. Experiential activities are powerful in building a story and a lifestyle around your products and services. Whether you’re a big tech giant or a small startup, holding events is a compelling way to promote a strong brand reputation and engage with your customers on a deeper level.

While the pandemic has forced businesses to rethink in-person events, there are still many ways to adapt an event for the virtual world while still involving customers. The Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia was able to hold a successful awareness and fundraising event online in support of their Kids Cafe. By delivering thank you boxes to sponsors that included local wine, honey and tea, they were able to bring donors together to end hunger and build their brand even from afar.

honesty and openness in storytelling

Audiences appreciate businesses that are honest and open about their brands. Consumers are now more aware of dishonest branding from companies that market themselves as something they’re not.

A recent article suggests highlighting the factors that make your brand unique by sharing an interesting tidbit about your company’s early days, or telling stories centered around who founded the company and their reasons for doing so. This helps if you have a flexible management structure and visible executive leadership. However, this isn’t always the case with big corporations. ZenBusiness’ guide to forming an LLC in North Carolina says that an LLC benefits by having a flexible management structure. Bigger corporations with more bureaucracy may have a more difficult time in communicating an authentic story of how the business was built. Telling these founding stories is a great way of bringing your customers closer to the brand especially when you’re trying to establish your brand and USP in a very competitive industry.

Building a brand's reputation with custom packaging
Engaging packaging makes a brand more memorable

custom brand packaging

When shaping your brand’s reputation, you cannot overlook strong brand packaging. Studies have shown that customers choose brands off the shelf based on how engaging their packaging is. A study in Cornell found that consumers connected with cereal brands that showed characters on the packaging who appeared to be making eye contact with them. Similarly, custom packaging design that communicates strong brand values is a tool to extend your messaging and promote brand awareness. Design goes beyond logos and colors, and should incorporate things like packaging material and copywriting. For example, biodegradable packaging puts forward the notion that you are an eco-conscious brand. Witty copywriting starts a conversation with your consumers and can make people laugh, leaving a positive impression.

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Written by Marjorie Alma Canfeild, a guest contributor for the CompanyBox blog.

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