TinkerTots Boxes: Kids Subscription to Excite Parents and Toddlers Alike

Every parent wants the best for their little ones. But, finding fun, educational activities on Pinterest, buying all the materials needed from craft shops, and actually doing the activity can be a daunting and time-consuming practice – especially for working parents. Katie Romant knows that feeling all too well. She created TinkerTots Boxes to send parents everything they need for a hands-on, educational kids subscription straight to their doorsteps.

TinkerTots was designed so parents can spend quality time with their children and create lasting memories. After all, they won’t remember the times they spent using a tablet or watching YouTube Kids, but they will remember their mom or dad on the floor playing with them.

TinkerTots’ bright packaging
appealing to all audiences

Romant has been running TinkerTots as a kids subscription company out of her home since August 2019, and it was important to her that the business had custom packaging since there was no brick-and-mortar store to entice parents or properly convey the vibe of the product.

“A cardboard box with a sticker doesn’t give the right feel for what our boxes are all about,” she said. “I wanted parents to see it and not be overwhelmed by it, but for kids to be excited about it when they see it on their front porch.”

Romant had a subscription to Blue Apron and fell in love with the clean, simple design of the boxes and packaging. So, she decided on a white box with a colorful logo and playful stripes. Kids recognize the boxes and get pumped about having five new activities to do with their parents. Plus, parents feel at ease knowing they’re crushing that work-life balance.

Making Life a Little Easier

The toll the pandemic has taken on parents has been staggering. Having to be a professional, a parent, and a teacher or daycare provider all rolled into one is a near-impossible task, so there’s a tremendous amount of guilt for people in that scenario. Parents are beating themselves up because the balancing act is all-encompassing. Romant has walked many miles in these shoes, so with the help of her dear friend and Educational Consultant Ashley Bahr, created 10- to 15-minute activities parents can do with their kids between calls so they can stop beating themselves up. “You don’t have to prep anything for these activities, so you can be that spontaneous, fun parent we all want to be,” Romant said.

She loves the kids subscription service she created and takes every opportunity to pay it forward. One way she does that is by hiring high school girls to help with monthly fulfillments. She focuses on giving the next generation a chance to learn the business and grow their entrepreneurial spirit.

Why TinkerTots Chose Company Box

Since Romant works out of her home at the moment, she loves that box storage isn’t a concern. She orders exactly the amount she needs, eliminating unnecessary shipping and storage costs, and cuts down on waste.

TinkerTots worked with Company Box to create an Ear Lock Mailer Box that appeals to kids and parents alike. A store owner outside of Chicago saw one of the boxes through an influencer. She reached out to Romant to bring TinkerTots boxes into their retail store because the branding was spot-on and knew the boxes would sell. This decision was made from literally just looking at the boxes.

Since TinkerTots’ launch in 2019, CompanyBox packaging has helped the company achieve 200% growth.

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