Introducing Our Secure Pizza Box

People have been eating pizza in one form or another for centuries. Even though it has ancient roots, it remains the king of delivery. You can now order cauliflower or gluten free crust and customize it with dozens of toppings, but pizza boxes themselves haven’t changed much. With the rise of the pandemic, the CompanyBox team felt it was time to create a zero contact delivery option. Introducing the Secure Pizza Box.

sealed pizza box
Does secure pizza taste better?

We think so. When packing food, no ordinary cardboard box will do. With a single use seal, our customizable pizza boxes will stay closed until the recipient pulls the tear strip. Food stays safely inside until delivery. Always printed with our food-safe and water-based ink. 

The ultimate delivery solution

Creating custom looks is simple. Either use our online design studio or work with one of our in-house team members. Our Secure Pizza Boxes offer the following: 

  • Sealed: For optimal performance, we added a single use seal and tear strip.
  • Food-Safe Ink: Our recyclable packaging is printed using our highest quality 100% water-based ink that is also ECOLOGO certified and FDA approved.
  • Numerous Options: Depending on your needs choose from small, medium, large or extra large.
  • Unlimited Colors: There is no stopping how many colors you use. Take advantage and create a completely customized look.
  • Human Touch: We work hand-in-hand with you, plus everything is printed on site. No shuffling you off to a different supplier.  
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