Spark Hustle Grow Custom Box
Customer Feature: Sparkle Hustle Grow

Each year on March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated in recognition of the strength and movement for women’s rights. What a perfect lead-in to our customer feature today.

All Girl Shave Club Custom Box
Customer Feature: All Girl Shave Club

We at CompanyBox feel it is important to promote the great people and businesses we work with. We are happy to add a new category to our blog posts entitled “Customer Feature”, where we plan to highlight some of these companies and dive deeper into what it is they do.

Designer reviewing concepts
Why Subscription Box Companies Are Booming

The subscription box business has taken the internet by storm. You can find a monthly subscription to just about anything. You can find monthly boxes for dog treats, plants, children’s books, and healthy snacks. The list could go on.

a row of quirky mailboxes
3 Reasons Custom Packaging Can Help your Online Business Grow

There has been a major shift in how people make purchases. If you don’t believe that, drive down your street and count how many packages are sitting on your neighbor’s front steps.

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