College Custom Box Design Competition Winners

This summer, CompanyBox held a design competition for college students across the country. Those who entered were tasked with creating a custom box design for a made-up brand. We encouraged innovation, and consideration for the unboxing experience – and we weren’t disappointed.  Many talented students submitted their designs and we’re here to announce the winners.

CompanyBox Student Design Competition Winners
Congratulations to our 2020 student Winners

First place: Daniel Agunias

Virginia Tech

Why we dig it: Daniel imagined the future of space travel, when companies are giving tours of the solar system. The box would hold gifts to help new clients prepare for their journey. We loved how Daniel’s imagination was translated into his design. His use of a high resolution Milk Way image in combination with the bright white rocket graphic was especially popular with the judges. He explains, “I used a pattern in order to create a visually engaging texture that helps the lettering and artwork stand out. I also used the Milky Way image to give clients a glimpse of what they would see on their excursion.”

Second place: Grace Jones

Queens University

Why we dig it: As Grace designed her packaging, she was inspired by the desire to start her own freelance business called ‘Designs with Grace’. We liked how she used the Snap2pack to create an inside look – and then paired two complementary patterns for interest. Grace says, “My vision, company name and services are to spread and share Grace throughout the world with my designs.”

Third place: Sammy Kuck

The Modern College of Design

Why we dig it: Sammy thought about every panel of her custom box and smartly designed text and graphics to overlay a different design- both on the outside as well as the inside. Naming it ‘The Bean’, Sammy designed a coffee subscription box for working men and women. We’re into the way she used a stripe pattern on the inside, but kept if from being too overpowering by pairing it with a coffee tone brown. She explains, “Most of the customers are very busy people and want a way to try many different types of coffee and be able to customize the products they receive for themselves personally.”

Runner Up: Sarah Jane Atkinson

Queens University

Why we dig it: We loved how Sarah Jane used the insides panels on the Snap2pack for her outdoor inspired packaging. Basing the design on a journey through nature, Sarah Jane envisioned the box for companies like REI or Patagonia. “With the current condition of the world, more people are ordering things online,” she says. “Going outside is one of the few things we can do, so package design becomes vital in selling a company’s brand since they cannot interact face to face with the customer.”

Runner Up: Issac Pollard

Virginia Tech

Why we dig it: Bright and bold! Issac’s custom box stood out immediately because of his color choices. It definitely made the unboxing experience more exciting seeing those red and black stripes. He named name his brand ‘The Red League’ and explains it would be for anyone who wants to know their blood type or to encourage others to donate blood. Issac notes, “This is also why I used a super hero font because I wanted to let the consumer know that they are saving people’s lives by being a part of this.”

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our competition and helped make it a success!

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