Pura Vida: New Packaging Strategy Allows Customer Engagement to Flourish

Pura Vida, the brand known for its Costa Rican artisan bracelets, recently launched something they’ve dubbed the Press Box which offers up exciting collaboration campaigns to followers on social. Pura Vida has teamed up with huge brands like O.P.I and Mario Badescu to give away boxes to lucky winners. Their decision to focus on legit eye-popping and functional boxes meant they needed something completely custom.

Pura vida new designed packaging with inserts
Mario Badescu x Pura Vida Summer Spritz PR Box
from a community of artists to Millions of wrists

The brand started in 2010 after two friends returned from a trip to Costa Rica with 400 bracelets. A brand name came to life as both a lifestyle philosophy and translation of the word “Pure Life”. Those 400 bracelets would be the beginning of the epic Pura Vida success story and a deep commitment to support communities of artisans worldwide.

Fast forward to 2020 and Pura Vida has grown an incredibly engaged customer base. Above all, people love the brand and what it stands for. With product demands skyrocketing, the company is now offering more, including the newly designed Press Box as part of their packaging strategy.

Pura Vida artist making bracelets
sketches turned reality

Pura Vida wanted the custom design to expand throughout the box, so each product was prominently displayed using inserts. To address their needs, CompanyBox brought in our team of structural designers, customer success managers and graphic designers to provide a box worthy of the PV fan base. 

The CompanyBox team first needed to understand the vision, so we focused on product details and box dimensions as well as the sketches Pura Vida provided. After that, details from the discovery session were used to create a working prototype. Our structural designers were involved at every step to ensure perfect fit.

“With the opportunity to incorporate design in these boxes, it has expanded our visual branding for each launch campaign”, notes Kendra McLeish, Brand Marketing Specialist at Pura Vida. 

When Pura Vida announced the giveaway on Instagram with photos of the completed boxes, over 45,000 fans entered.  

the human touch

The team at Pura Vida now partners with CompanyBox for additional projects. Their creative team works hand in hand with us to turn ideas into real packaging.  

“CompanyBox is extremely proud of our flexibility to communicate and work closely with our customers,” says Amie Ellis, part of the customer success team at CompanyBox. “We’re not some bot on the other side of a computer. We’re real people, with an honest understanding of our customer’s needs.”  

The human touch is something we’ve built into the CompanyBox promise. Both in our own effort to give back locally as well as our pledge to treat customers as true partners. “We love Amie and the CompanyBox team! They have been super helpful and we love how they’re able to get our custom design conceptualizations just how we envision them.” says McLeish.

When there is communication between your creative team and ours, the sky is the limit. Let’s connect – human to human. 

Want to see more of Pura Vida’s awesome boxes? Check them out.

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