Custom Packaging: How to Find the Face of Your Brand

Branding defines the ‘you’ in your business. It’s the face, personality and values embraced by your business – and then everything in between. For e-commerce companies, packaging is that face your consumer see first. They must go through the packaging to get to the product. In fact, research suggests that almost 50% of consumers consider becoming more loyal to a brand during their first purchase. So, for start up brands like Kelly’s Kitchen Creation, it’s smart to have initial brand development include packaging.

Kelly’s table runner inspiration for her branded packaging
sweet discovery

Kelly Larson, founder of Kelly’s Kitchen Creation (KKC) started making pralines to generate extra money while balancing motherhood and finishing a degree in journalism. Like some of the best brand stories out there, Larson found she had discovered something that people liked. Something people wanted more of. With the encouragement from a professor, she started to blog and launched the Kelly’s Kitchen Creation shop, a place where she could offer her pralines, cookies and Uncle Wally’s spice blend.

brand captured 

From the beginning, Larson was watching a friend launch her e-commerce site Southern Poms. “I thought her custom packaging was next level,” she explains. “So I wondered, ‘what could I do to make my own?’”

She selected CompanyBox to print her first set of boxes. Larson knew the boxes should capture the essence of her brand so she chose to use an image of her table runner for the outside of the package. “That table runner is my signature background and is in many of my food photos. It’s bright and very colorful and that describes me,” Larson notes. “It’s also from my kitchen – Kelly’s Kitchen. It was perfect.”

She now ships out her tasty treats in her signature box and even ties it with a bright bow. Since using her custom boxes, Kelly has enjoyed hearing the positive feedback. “I can’t stop thinking about how I’ll improve my packaging. Things need to taste good. But they also need to look good.”

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