The importance of animal rights is undeniable. Today’s consumers are increasingly concerned with animal testing and the safety of ingredients – opting for cruelty-free alternatives. If your product is animal friendly, you also need eco-friendly packaging that won’t pollute the oceans and endanger wildlife.

Even veganism, once considered a niche concept has sprouted up and become mainstream. As brands start taking a stance on eco-friendly products, it’s here that veganism meets sustainability. MOTD Cosmetics (Makeup of the Day), a cruelty-free, vegan brand took this stance all the way to their product packaging. 

holding to brand values

MOTD has a commitment to inspire beauty enthusiasts to make a compassionate choice with makeup brushes and lashes. Their goal is to educate and inspire cosmetic users with vegan, cruelty-free products. Today, you can find MOTD brushes at Anthropologie, Free People and QVC. But the idea started as a marketing school assignment. One where Chantal Azamian, MOTD founder and CEO discovered that over 44% of women don’t know which brush to pick when applying makeup.

The concept behind MOTD uses witty phrases (instead of meaningless numbers) on each handle to help women know how to use the brushes. “When I did my presentation, people said ‘you need to sell this’ – so I started a campaign on Kickstarter.” She reached her goal in 30 days.

Azamian knew right away she wanted products free from animal fur. It was also important the product packaging aligned with the brand’s values. “Custom packaging is important because the branding from your website should be cohesive with what lands in the customer’s hands,” she explains.  

creating the perfect look

MOTD turned to CompanyBox to take on the packaging. They needed a solution to match their commitment to the environment, both in the material and ink. CompanyBox’s water-based ink is not only low VOC and odorless, but extremely gentle on the environment.  

“CompanyBox’s sustainable ink and sustainable packaging really resonated with me,” says Azamian. “My customers also love it.” 

Here’s to clean beauty and safer products 

As demand for MOTD’s pro-performance makeup brushes increased, the company added a luxury lash line instead of using mink fur, Chantal once again opted for synthetic material. She is now working with celebrity makeup artists like Mario Dedivanovic’s Master Class along with several shows on the E! Network.  

“I’ve always put myself in the mind of the consumer. I’m a sucker for packaging and so are consumers,” notes Azamian. “You CANNOT cut corners on packaging if you want to be a lasting brand.”

CompanyBox applauds MOTD’s efforts.

“This was the perfect partnership,” adds Cara Walters, Marketing Director at CompanyBox. “We love supporting women owned businesses, especially those who share our commitment to the environment.”

As CompanyBox continues to become even more sustainable, we hope to join forces with other brands who love the earth as much as we do.

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