CBD Dog Treats and Custom Packaging for The Biscuit Barkery

Like so many true entrepreneurial stories, the tale of The Biscuit Barkery of Northern Colorado has a humble beginning. You’ve read similar stories; founders begin a business hinged on solving a problem or filling a need. As the business grows, they learn strategies to become more efficient and adapt to new situations. It’s why we love hearing stories like this- the lessons learned are like golden nuggets of knowledge. For The Biscuit Barkery of Northern Colorado, those adjustments had nothing to do with the product itself, but fell entirely to the packaging.

CBD dog treats custom packaging.
All-natural CBD For dogs

Nan Barron and her co-founder started the “barkery” in a basement, where the two women began mixing, hand weighing and baking natural CBD dog treats. The business drew attention in their Colorado community through local farmer’s markets and soon outgrew the original space.

They quickly added an online storefront. But working with CBD required something a little extra. The Biscuit Barkery has always taken extra steps to ensure every single recipe is approved by the department of health – for both customer satisfaction and full transparency. Labeling and signage for each products is a must. “We did our due diligence – and now we’re licensed by the DOH and DOA. They’ve been impressed with how tightly our business is run,” explains Barron .

Others were also impressed with the dog treats, but the product packaging fell flat. The team was hand stamping standard shipping boxes. “That got us some unenthusiastic feedback,” notes Barron. “We really wanted to project a professional image that reflected our quality product.”

packaging strategy multiplied

So The Biscuit Barkery turned to CompanyBox for custom packaging. It was a threefold solution. Barron explains, “We decided to use a custom package because it’s both advertising and branding.” But the box design also incorporated a packing slip – printed right on the outside of the box. “It saves us and the customer time.”

“The team at The Biscuit Barkery understands marketing,” says Cara Walters, marketing lead at CompanyBox. “They’ve created this amazing dog product and now their packaging also sends a message of quality.”

dog and people speak

Human feedback has been stellar. Barron tells us, “One customer even said she uses the boxes in her greenhouse because they are not only sweet looking but great quality.” The furry friends seem to love the barkery as well. The team has made and mailed a little over one million dog biscuits thus far!

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This brand also launched out of a basement and has propelled themselves to thousands of unboxing views on YouTube.

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