The CompanyBox Design Shop: Consultation for Ultimate Packaging

We know Covid has impacted businesses everywhere. But we’re here to help. The CompanyBox design shop works with you to turn your ideas into products. We’ll give you 60% off all design fees if you promise not to put your big ideas on hold. Deal?

custom design consultation

The CompanyBox design specialists have over 95 years of experience in corrugated packaging. Our Design Shop is here for you every step of the way – whether you need help with small details or aren’t even sure how to get started. We will collaborate with you to create a distinct product. Packaging design is broken into these two areas: 

  • Structural: This refers to the actual construction of the box. Structural designers can help you create a custom architecture and overall look. They will talk through the functionality of your packaging and produce prototypes for your brand. The goal is to create a functional, yet creative look that engages your clients. Many of our customers will send us their product for a proper measurement and perfect fit. (Don’t worry, we send it back.) Need windows or a carrying handle? Require inserts to hold or display products? This is where the structural team comes in. 
  • Graphics: It takes someone 0.5 seconds to form an opinion about your brand. A quality graphic designer can make the difference for those precious seconds. They work closely with you to ensure a brand is well represented throughout the package. This is where colors, logos, and written content comes into play. 
Your Design Brief 

One of the easiest ways to start a with our design shop, is to begin thinking through the following 5 questions. That way, our designers will be able to get a deeper understanding of your needs. 

  1. What is your product? Details around the size and materials are important.  
  2. Who is the target audience? Your packaging should appeal your ideal consumer. 
  3. How are people purchasing the product? E-commerce packaging is very different than retail packaging. 
  4. What are the brand requirements? If this applies, a designer will need to know brand fonts and colors.  
  5. What additional content is needed? Think imagery, QR codes, written copy, social media icons or bar codes.  

“The right packaging will build loyalty long before the sale. Our design team is excited to work with you to make this happen. “

-Adam Ropic | Graphic Designer @ CompanyBox

CompanyBox is thrilled to cut our design consultation fees from $125/hour price to $49/hour until October 1. Plus, you get one revision on us. Here’s to big ideas and the ultimate packaging.  

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