Using Smart Custom Packaging to Deliver Better Health

With the rise of the wellness industry, achieving optimum health has never been more attainable, or more important. Smart branding helps to educate audiences new to industries like Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). As testosterone naturally decreases in men as they age, the demand for TRT as a recommended form of treatment has increased.

Understandably, questions grow with such demands. When does a lack of testosterone become a problem? How should men find solutions? Saad Alam, founder and CEO of Peak, a personal wellness firm dedicated to providing hormone optimization solutions, began having these same questions when he turned 35 and noticed a change in his body. 

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which way to a happier life?

Even with a healthy, regimented lifestyle, Alam felt like a shell of his old self. It wasn’t until a consultation with specialists, and his discovery that he had the testosterone of an 80-year-old man, when things clicked. He set out on a journey to learn more about male hormones and to help other men. “I realized I wanted to help men have confidence while they’re aging,” Alam says. “This changed my entire perspective and opened me up to a new way of looking at life.”

Alam’s new outlook gave him the idea to provide a comprehensive platform for testing and optimizing treatment for men with clinically significant hormone deficiencies, as well as helping them plan for the next 50 years of their lives. Even better, they could do all of this from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Optimization for the Modern Man 

Peak, which launched in March 2020, provides testing kits, private doctor consultations, supplements and prescription medication specific to each member’s needs. It was essential for the company to ship these kits with specific directions for blood collection. Peak also needed a way to send its FDA-approved hormones every 90 days. And every step, Alam notes, required one constant throughout.

“We wanted to make sure it was a complete, branded experience,” says Alam. “From beginning to end.”

The Trick No One Talks About 

To fully realize Alam’s vision, Peak engaged CompanyBox to build a “smart package” solution that incorporated custom packaging with easy access to video instructions. Although QR code technology has been around for some time, many companies fail to integrate it into their packaging.

Peak smartly placed a QR code directly on the inside lid of its kits. Once the package is received, the clients can scan the code with smartphone for instant directions – making the box a part of the experience. 

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“We always encourage our customers to think this way,” notes CompanyBox President Kyle DeJesus. “By putting information directly on a package, you remove the need for additional paper materials. Peak got it right.” 

Positioned for a Better Experience 

Peak’s CEO says the company exceeded its initial launch projections by at least ten times. “Everything in the medical world feels so sterile, but we wanted this to be fun. The men are so excited for that box to arrive.” 

Alam believes Peak’s next step is to build a similar product for women and continue education on TRT. “There are no bounds on what you can do,” he says. “If you create balance you can accomplish anything.” 

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