How to Create Custom Boxes in the CB Design Builder

CompanyBox is here for businesses both big and small. From the initial launch of our company, we knew smaller businesses would probably not have the same graphic and design capabilities as the big players. But we’re all about democratizing packaging, so how do we level the playing field? Enter the new CompanyBox design builder. Not only does it make design easy but it’s a tool for anyone, regardless of graphic design skill level. We think an easy way to increase brand exposure is to start making the most of your packaging.

The New CompanyBox Design Builder
No Adobe? No Problem.

Our design builder was created for companies who want to get started without having to hire an outside designer. Companies like Kelly’s Kitchen have created one of a kind packaging with our online tools. With our recently upgraded platform, you will now get:

  • Improved 3D preview
  • New guided tour
  • Precision placement
  • New adjustable patterns
  • Upgraded tool bar options
Let’s build together

From start to finish, we’ll take you through the process. If you can click and point a mouse, you can create a custom design – trust us and watch below.

Note: We change RGB or Hex colors to CMYK for better print quality.

It comes down to this; packaging can improve your customer experience. According to this recent study 86% of buyers will pay more for great customer experience. Let’s create that first impression together. Get started with a custom box.

How can we help?

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See It to Believe It.

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