College Student Design Competition: The Power of Packaging

Calling all college students! This design competition is for you. Enter for a chance to win cash prizes and big bragging rights.

secure takeout box with food
CompanyBox Announces Donation of 100,000 Secure Takeout Boxes in response to COVID-19

Many restaurants have turned to offering takeout and delivery in response to these difficult times. The CompanyBox team developed a takeout box with a seal, which keeps the food securely inside until the the adhesive tear strip in opened.

water based ink as a sustainable option
Water-Based Ink is the Eco-Friendly Choice

Water-based ink opens up huge possibilities for companies who want an environmentally safe ink or who worry about it migrating into their products. More about why CompanyBox has chosen to invest in this new technology and strengthen our commitment to the environment.

SeaVees brand authenticity
Exploring Authenticity with Branding in SeaVees

SeaVees authenticity shows itself throughout everything we see. From the imagery and marketing, to the packaging and the product itself.

eco friendly brands
4 Eco-Friendly Brands With More Than Basic Packaging

Meet the brands who are fighting the war on plastic with sustainable products and packaging. Refillable, recyclable, compostable and plastic free.

We’re All About the Branding of This Company

Bright colors, playful designs and quirky social videos. Just a few of the reasons why we’re digging the look of JAJA, the tequila brand that was established in New York City.

Hello Snap2Pack

Introducing our new mailing box. The Snap2Pack offers a self-sealing closure, a built-in tear strip and an extra printing surface for a unique unboxing experience.

Two employees man a large industrial printer
LUXE: Your options to stand out are now limitless

Our most luxurious, beautiful option; Luxe printing is sure to set your brand apart. CompanyBox can now offer food-safe printing for both primary and secondary corrugated packaging, requiring no additional barriers.

Child eating a strawberry
Water-Based Ink: Why is it a Game Changer?

In printing, ink is a necessary ingredient. From the very smallest home printer, to the largest industrial printing press. But all ink was not created equal. Different inks are used for different types of packaging applications and printing presses. The digital world is changing and the ink is changing with it.

A close-up shot of cardboard boxes
What’s a Flute? How to Choose the Best Board Strength and Board Type for your Packaging

You’ve got your graphics and design ready. But now it’s time to decide on two things; your board strength and board type. What do these words mean and which one do you go with? It’s one of our most asked questions. We get it; it can be a real head-scratcher.

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