National Hispanic Heritage Month
Hispanic Heritage Month: A Note from Our CEO and Founder

We're celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month with a letter from our founder Louie DeJesus, who is proud of his Puerto Rican roots.

Virtual Events: Worthy Black Tie Auction with Custom Packaging

This philanthropic annual event was forced to go virtual because of Covid. How they used crafted boxes to show appreciation to donors.

Unboxing Branded Packaging: Making Magic with 3 Fairy Godmothers

If you want to make a lasting impression in unboxing videos, your packaging and presentation is a vital ingredient. How unwrapping a package leads to more business.

custom packaging for Kellys kitchen from CompanyBox
Custom Packaging: How to Find the Face of Your Brand

Custom packaging may get overlooked, but for e-commerce companies, it's actually the face of your brand. How a company used it from the start.

Using Smart Custom Packaging to Deliver Better Health

Learn how Peak uses smart custom packaging to engage clients and make the box part of the experience.

Pura vida new designed packaging with inserts
Pura Vida: New Packaging Strategy Allows Customer Engagement to Flourish

Learn how Pura Vida launched a new packaging strategy to grab more attention on social and stay engaged with a loyal customer base.

Marketing Craft Beer Outside the Taproom: Cabarrus Brewing Co.

Learn how Cabarrus Brewing Company takes custom packaging to the next level outside of the taproom and keeps customers coming back for more.

St. Mary's custom packaging used to attract students and build enrollment
New Normal in Education: Custom Packaging Helps Keep Enrollment Steady

How admissions teams are using custom packaging to send educational experiences through the mail to attract students.

Little Heirloom Books: Building Connections with Children Through Reading

A fresh take on books clubs. Founded on the principles of slowing down to read with children, Little Heirloom Books focus on quality literature, beautiful illustrations and uplifting messages. All packaged in a well-designed and whimsical box.

SYPCOFFEE custom box
SYPCOFFEE: Packaging Designed Around a Company Mission

SYPCOFFEE began from a sudden realization: Life is short. Today their gift packaging is designed around their deep-seated mission and a hope for remarkable experiences.

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