CompanyBox holiday shipping dates
Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Check out our ordering deadlines to avoid stress and get ready for the holiday season.

custom packaging for Kellys kitchen from CompanyBox
Custom Packaging: How to Find the Face of Your Brand

Custom packaging may get overlooked, but for e-commerce companies, it's actually the face of your brand. How a company used it from the start.

Women in Subscription Recap

Yes! We took notes and want to share them after yesterday's event. Settle in for a quick Women in Subscription recap - or just watch the video session here.

CompanyBox student design competition winners
College Custom Box Design Competition Winners

CompanyBox has announced the winners for our college student design competition! Participants were asked to create a custom box for a made-up brand.

Sustainable packaging is better for environment and just as safe as single use plastics.
What Safe and Sustainable Packaging Will Mean After the Pandemic For Business Leaders

Sustainable packaging options have trickled into our array of choices but the pandemic has made people re-evaluate their priorities, with safety at the forefront of it all.

Women in Subscription SUBTA event
Women in Subscription Virtual Event Next Week

CompanyBox is honored to be a sponsor for SUBTA’s first Women in Subscription virtual event. Register and hear two amazing customers speak.

Using Smart Custom Packaging to Deliver Better Health

Learn how Peak uses smart custom packaging to engage clients and make the box part of the experience.

Pura vida new designed packaging with inserts
Pura Vida: New Packaging Strategy Allows Customer Engagement to Flourish

Learn how Pura Vida launched a new packaging strategy to grab more attention on social and stay engaged with a loyal customer base.

custom design consultation
The CompanyBox Design Shop: Consultation for Ultimate Packaging

How our design team can turn your packaging ideas into a real products. Now offering structural and graphic consultation at a new lower price.

Back to the Classroom: CompanyBox Donates Custom Safety Partitions to Geneva Area Schools

CompanyBox announced that it has developed personal privacy dividers for students in grades K-12. Specifically designed to be easy to carry.

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