Custom Packaging Makes Box Babe Gift Co. Boxes Even More Special

Every Box Babe Gift Co. box is filled to the brim with goodies from women-owned businesses. Personalized tumblers or mugs are paired with thoughtful cards and gifts, like cups of sunshine teas, pocket lattes, and cocktail mixes. Some contain shower steamers, lip scrubs, and body butters. And the cherry on top of these special gift boxes? The custom packaging that makes each box look like it’s been personally gift wrapped.

from brides to friends

Haley Sutton launched Box Babe Gift Co. in March of 2020 – the same week that North Carolina went into lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It was initially created to fill a void in the wedding market. Sutton’s ideas to help brides was straightforward; instead of stressed brides having to invest a huge amount of time to gather items for bridesmaid proposals, they could send a personalized gift box. Friends could do something similar – and send a congratulatory box to a newly engaged couple.

However, due to the state of the world, Sutton had to shift the focus of Box Babe Gifts.

“People just want to see their friends and loved ones, but they can’t right now,” Sutton said. “Due to health concerns and travel restrictions, it’s a really isolating time. So, I wanted these boxes to be a way to say, ‘Thinking of you!’ and ‘Can’t wait to hug you!’ Our mission is to connect people when they can’t physically be there to support each other.”

Custom packaging by Box Babe Gift Co.

Sutton has also expanded her focus to other big life moments, like tailoring boxes to expectant and new mothers. Box Babe sends treats for pampering pregnant women and teething rings for babies. They also offer boxes for smaller moments, like filling boxes with desktop notepads and jotter pens for employee appreciation day.

Get excited

Box Babe Gift Co. chose Company Box to create the perfect gift boxes because of the importance of customizable packaging.

Box Babe's personalized gift

“When people receive a bland box, they may push it to the side thinking it’s another Amazon delivery,” Sutton said. “We choose to put an eye-catching design as well as ‘Someone special sent you a gift from Box Babe Gift Co.’ right on the box to get recipients excited about their delivery.”

Box Babe Gift Co. changes up boxes to make the designs more festive around the holidays and change with the seasons.

Beyond the custom packaging, Box Babe Gift Co. needed a durable box to protect the precious cargo inside during transit. Sutton sources each item from women-owned businesses, and personally tests them out to ensure they are of high quality and a gift every woman would enjoy and use.

Can you make your packaging feel like a special gift? Is there a way to create easy, but impactful designs? Glad you asked.

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How to use packaging in your sales strategy like Carolina CBD Solutions

If you’re in sales or marketing, you know one of the primary goals is to be memorable. Research shows that we make up our minds about people and products within 30 seconds - and that once that first impression has been formulated, it’s almost impossible to undo. It’s why presentation is so important.

Laura Misenhelter, co-founder of Carolina CBD Solutions would wholeheartedly agree. She relies on cold calling as a sales strategy, often needing to leave products in the hands of someone other than a main decision maker, but her presentation is memorable. And it’s smart.


You’d think Misenhelter comes from a sales background, but she doesn’t. She first spent 31 years in pharmaceuticals while also dedicating her life to help her autistic son Aaron. Even with her job in traditional medicine, she was open to using natural remedies.

After forming the Charleston Autism Academy with her mother, who is also a pharmacist, Misenhelter and her partner Henry Wilfong started looking for alternative ways to help Aaron. They knew there had to be more options out there. “There is an autism crisis and I was so focused on it because of my son Aaron. I had one eye on natural products, and one eye one on the pharma industry,” says Misenhelter.

It was CBD that made the difference. Misenhelter and Wilfong would even tell you that CBD has changed Aaron’s life. It was such a noticeable difference that Misenhelter left her corporate job and started her own CBD company, researching and formulating her own process.

With a company goal to provide top shelf CBD products that promote good health, they called it Carolina CBD Solutions. But competition in the CBD industry is fierce, so the duo needed to find a way to increase brand recognition and start getting noticed.

“We built a website and started to do outdoor events like art and music festivals which drove business to our site,” remembers Misenhelter. “But everyone was racing to get into brick and mortar stores. We needed to be different. We wanted to leave people with an experience.”

How do you make your brand and product memorable? What can you do when most people don’t have the time to talk or you can’t gain access to the person responsible for purchasing? You do what Carolina CBD Solutions did; you create a sales kit using custom packaging. 

box is best

The co-founders now go into independent pharmacies with a box designed to hold test samples. “We found you only have enough time to hand something over. Most people will throw away paper, but they hold onto boxes. It hangs around for a while, so you get a lasting impression.” says Misenhelter about her new, smarter version of cold calling.

They chose CompanyBox for the low minimum order quantity (MOQ), fast lead times and competitive prices. “The MOQ was perfect for us because we needed to try it out. And now we’re ready to go!” She also loved the customer service. “The CompanyBox team helped me work with the graphic designer to figure out exactly what I was doing,” she notes.

kicking it up a notch

The sample kits have had a huge success rate and are now a top sales tool. Covid has people looking for alternatives in conventional health care and the unboxing experience gave Carolina CBD Solutions the extra footing they needed. “Presentation is everything,” adds Misenhelter “You’re dealing with professional people, so you need to kick up your branding.”

“This shows that just a little branding on boxes gets you more business,” says Cara Walters, Marketing Lead at CompanyBox. “ It doesn’t have to be over the top.”

next steps

CBD has helped Aaron with autism, but the two owners know it also helps people with anxiety, insomnia, and joint and muscle pain. They are now looking at getting into the golf community with a target market of 45+ and up. As people start returning to in-store shopping, they also want to focus on retail store displays.

"We love seeing smart marketing strategies," adds Walters. "Effective packaging will drive business, create interest and increase customer experience. "

This company also struck the perfect balance with their CBD products and packaging.

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Badget’s Startup Branding Reached a New Level With CompanyBox

Want to get noticed during conferences, tradeshows, networking and sporting events? That simple question led to the founding of Badget, a tech startup specializing in app controlled LED badges that can programed with up to eight unique messages.

Co-founder of Badget, Kyle Patel was working in the startup space in San Francisco when he attended a sports conference. His eye was drawn to a fellow attendee who had an LED badge. When speaking to this individual, Patel found out that the messages needed to first be put on a CD and then manually uploaded and programed onto his badge. Out of interest, Patel bought the badge and wore it around the conference.

“I got great responses,” Patel said. “The guy started selling more badges because people saw me wearing one.” Patel wanted to find a way to program the messages and animations wirelessly. He knew an app would make the process seamless. So he and his brother Amit founded Badget.

Badget's LED badges
Creativity for all

The new company began by targeting sales teams ahead of conferences so they could advertise their startup branding through LED badge messaging. However, like most businesses during the pandemic, they’ve had to shift their focus.

“We’re now getting creative with promoting social distancing on the badges,” Patel said. “Our main market has always been events and businesses, but we’ve had a surge of people outside that space purchasing badges throughout the pandemic.”

People are being innovative and have found endless ways to use Badget. Parents have stuck them on the fridge to display their kids’ chores. School nurses wear them around their necks to remind kids to have masks on. And a roofing team even bought badges so they can advertise deals. He notes, “It’s been a huge asset because people can see the messages without having to be too close or be handed a flyer.”

Personalized Experience

When it came to the packaging, Patel reflected on his years as an expert in retail. He witnessed the power of good packaging. “I saw people opening boxes and watched their expressions - how faces lit up when they unboxed things. So when I started Badget, I knew our box was extremely important.

He was drawn to CompanyBox for his startup branding because the box size was crucial. “Everything was too big, leading to wasted space and extra shipping charges in order to protect the badges,” Patel said. He was able to design a box size that perfectly fit his badges.

When the box arrives, Badget customers find a badge that has been programed with a personalized message. Patel programs each one with the purchaser’s name because personalization and customization are key to a positive customer experience.

“People organically go and talk about their badge on social media after it arrives,” Patel said. “It’s custom all the way through – from the package it arrives in, to their name being automatically programmed.” With a price tag of just $20 and a free app to design your message, it’s easy to be the artist of your own badge. “People never expect how well the device will work and they’re delighted and surprised at the price point.”

As sporting events start to open back up for fans, Badget is positioned to help with stadium attendants. “Sports teams want to buy the badges to easily point out who is available to help.” One thing is for sure, the flashing, animated badges are hard to miss – and the possibilities for use are numberless.

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Ned: Finding harmony with quality hemp products and custom packaging

Ned is a wellness brand rooted in a mission and belief to help people feel better and live better through the powers of the natural world. With a line of full-spectrum hemp, CBD and other natural remedies, Ned brings a foundation of storytelling that immediately catches your eye.

They take you on a journey from remote mountaintops to the fresh soil of Paonia, Colorado. It’s the way in which they do this, along with the brand’s values and purpose that helps Ned to be fully transparent. Their story is thoughtfully and inextricably woven throughout the products, videos, website and even the packaging.  

Co-founders Adriaan Zimmerman and Ret Taylor
story telling

Ned co-founders Adriaan Zimmerman and Ret Taylor built a brand grounded in an appreciation of simpler means, the outdoor world and human connection. Both have a personal journey that started with a search for CBD and naturally sourced products. A 'plants before pills' approach that could replace prescription drugs as a first line of defense. Their journey culminated with the birth of Ned when the duo took their mission and purpose, and literally translated it into product. 

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Sleep Blend from Ned


The evolving customer experience

In the beginning, Taylor started meeting hemp farmers and heard whispers of a beautiful farming community in the western slopes of Colorado. He found a small farm that resonated with the transparency of the brand and matched the idea of quality over quantity. “The farmer was growing on a single acre and playing music to his plants,” notes Zimmerman. “It was nurturing of quality and spoke to the idea that when you give to something, it gives back.” Zimmerman and Taylor knew they had found the perfect farm. From the onset, they wanted to work with great people. “We talked about it a lot in those early days. If we surround ourselves with extraordinary people, this brand will be extraordinary,” says Zimmerman.  

Ned launched in 2018 with 2 products; a hemp oil and hemp infused body butter. Positioned as a direct-to-consumer company the founders knew the importance of customer experience. Zimmerman puts it this way, “The customer experience doesn’t start or stop anywhere. It is an evolving thing. It’s what people see online, and on social. It’s what they touch, hear and watch.” Unpack that, and it means that the direct access point with customers is critical, especially with e-commerce companies. In fact, creating meaningful connections makes one more approachable. And in business, the more approachable, the better.  

Ned's 'plants before pills' approach focuses on natural remedies.
Pursuit of excellence

After a few months of shipping in plain brown boxes, the time came to design custom packaging. “I’d never created consumer packaging before, but there’s this inherit pursuit of excellence in our company,” explains Zimmerman. “We always knew we wanted to level up our packaging, but it was also a matter of managing resources." CompanyBox stood out because of the low price and MOQ.

A local design agency took all of Ned’s quality ingredients; approachability, storytelling, human connection and excellent customer experience – and mixed them into a complete package. The result was product packaging that served as an extension of the Ned brand.  "The boxes needed to give a sense of place to our products while maintaining a sense of transparency.” 

Ned custom packaging

Zimmerman explains, “This brand was born out of seeking, searching and adventure. We wanted the packaging to give that kind of experience to our customers.” Hold the box, and you first see the inconspicuous exterior. Then you open it and read words like “pristine mountains, deep cedar forest, and remote shorelines” and you feel like you're part of Ned’s journey.  

But he story doesn't stop there. Along with helping people feel better, you'll also find that Ned supports numerous social and environmental causes. This too is woven into their packaging.

Keeping the first order size small, Ned was able to financially manage the cost. “Our mission at CompanyBox is to make packaging for anyone,” says Nara Skipper, Marketing Lead at CompanyBox. “Some companies need to start small and they are equally important as large orders. We get to watch them grow.” 

honesty at every level

And Ned has grown.  

Zimmerman says social media shares really started to pick up with the addition of new products and the new packaging. Through the last few years, the company has gone through several iterations of their product packaging, always keeping the story front and center. Most recently, they launched Mellö, a daily magnesium supplement.

They way Zimmerman and Taylor positioned their natural remedy brand has never wavered. Ned's honesty and transparency has allowed them to not only initiate a connection with customers, but nurture it. The company now has a customer base of over 60,000 and retention rates are high. Because they lift the veil, people know exactly what they are getting and where it’s coming from. It's clear the products are crafted with care and of the highest quality - that’s important anywhere, but especially in the CBD industry.  

May we all follow Ned's lead to Feel better. Live better.

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Brilliance Knows Jewelry Packaging is Just as Important as the Diamond Inside

Brilliance is a family owned and operated business that’s built a reputation as a leading diamond and engagement ring retailer over the past three decades. The company was born out of a wholesale model and has served more than 100,000 customers since 1989. With a mission to sell high quality diamonds directly to clients, their jewelry packaging serves as the retail store-front and the first tactile interaction clients have with the Brilliance brand.

cutting out the middleman

Before starting Brilliance, co-founders, Jacob and Jonathon Ohayon previously worked in the jewelry industry. They witnessed the high diamond markups being charged to clients by retail stores. “Jonathon envisioned getting rid of the middleman,” Meira Dickman, Head of Customer Satisfaction at Brilliance, said.  “He wanted to bring the client as close as possible to the source of diamonds and jewelry by selling directly and passing on the savings to the clients.”

Brilliance sets every engagement ring in-house.

Brilliance is also passing something else to every client; a promise to never use conflict diamonds. This zero-tolerance policy stands alongside a staunch commitment to support ethical standards in jewelry production and maintain environmental responsibility.

With the motto “Better Diamonds, Lower Prices “ Dickman says Brilliance offers the absolute best prices and selection available on the market and favors quality above all else. “We are the only company in our industry that makes all of our rings in the US and sets all our engagement rings in house.” The company’s 20 employees are made up of GIA Graduate Gemologists and experts with more than a decade of experience in the diamond and jewelry industry. Watch how their rings are made.

The Box That Holds the Ring Box

Focusing on a service and attention to detail to match that of a retailer, Brilliance knows their jewelry packaging is extra important. Custom pieces of jewelry must be protected throughout the shipping process, but the company recognizes there doesn’t need to be a choice between durability or beautiful jewelry packaging. High quality products deserve packaging of the same caliber.

“Packaging is the first thing people see when they open their product,” says Dickman. “If you have a delicious hamburger in a bland wrapper, that’s not going to whet your appetite. Our packaging lets you know that you can expect more from our company. It says you’re going to see an amazing product inside and it heightens the experience.”

Engagement rings are purchased during one of the most emotionally driven moments of a person’s life. Brilliance knows this. Receiving that package in the mail is a crucial and memorable part of the entire proposal experience. The company strives to exceed the expectation of that first impression in order to foster a positive and trustworthy relationship.

“We jump through hoops and do somersaults to get the best value for our clients,” explains Dickman. “Our Diamond Experts are tenacious when it comes to making sure their clients are taken care of.” As a whole, Brilliance has found a way to give clients a front-row seat to the creation of a perfect piece of jewelry for one of the most memorable moments of their lives.

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Two employees man a large industrial printer

CompanyBox Expands With Purchase of Second HP PageWide C500

CHARLOTTE, NC. CompanyBox, the U.S.-based, on-demand custom packaging company, announced the purchase of a second HP PageWide C500 Press, significantly expanding their capacity and nationwide corrugated digital print solutions. The multi-million-dollar investment makes CompanyBox the first company in the world to operate two HP C500 presses in the same facility. 

CompanyBox's current HP C500.

“Our partnership with HP dates over 10 years, and it’s been a very good relationship,” said Louis DeJesus, CompanyBox founder and CEO. “With our purchase of a second PageWide C500 and the additional converting equipment, our capacity increases 500%. We now have over 160,000 square feet of manufacturing space totally dedicated to digital packaging.” 

The HP C500 enables CompanyBox to digitally print corrugated orders of any size and quantity, with a finish equivalent to the litho-lamination process; both produce sharp text and barcodes, high-resolution and smooth tone transitions. Additionally, the C500 press also uses water-based, eco-friendly ink, allowing for the production of consumer-packaged goods in the food and beauty industry.   

“Demand for packaging has been grown exponentially, especially with the constraints of COVID, which was a heavily weighted trigger on e-commerce needs,” explained DeJesus. “The package is now the messenger, the brand and storefront, all integrated into one. The market has driven us to change, and we’ve listened. It’s critical to continually push the boundaries with innovative packaging solutions. Forward thinking is the only way to go.”  

In 2019, Green Bay Packaging was brought in as a minority partner. This new relationship has transformed their scalability and strength in servicing customers. The C500 will only add to that. “We needed to increase our agility, add product offerings and adjust our go to market strategy. Partnering with Green Bay Packaging and adding a second HP C500 will substantially complement our ability to deliver faster and do more," noted Kyle DeJesus, CompanyBox president.

“CompanyBox has built an online end-to-end customer experience to raise the degree of confidence with packaging buyers. We love how Louis and his team provide solutions to help brands evolve. With this industry dynamically growing, new ideas need to gain footing immediately which enables rapid content marketing. That is CompanyBox’s strength, and we’re proud to be a part of it.” said Eddie Sayers from HP.  

Installation of the new press begins August 2021 in Charlotte, North Carolina at CompanyBox's all-digital production facility, which also houses a fleet of fully automated Zund BHS Cutters, an HP Scitex 17000 and 15000, and two Vega Specialty Folder Gluers. 

CompanyBox is also investing in an additional 65,000 sq. foot manufacturing and distribution center adding 35+ new jobs. Their new East Campus is just 2.5 miles from its headquarters. The project is slated to be fully operational by the spring of 2021 with plans of further expansion.  

Learn why CompanyBox made the choice to add water-based ink as an option for customers.

About CompanyBox

CompanyBox offers customers easy ordering through its one stop shop packaging platform, The site enables businesses to easily design and order high-graphic custom packaging along with an innovative suite of customizable packaging products online. 

TinkerTots Boxes: Kids Subscription to Excite Parents and Toddlers Alike

Every parent wants the best for their little ones. But, finding fun, educational activities on Pinterest, buying all the materials needed from craft shops, and actually doing the activity can be a daunting and time-consuming practice – especially for working parents. Katie Romant knows that feeling all too well. She created TinkerTots Boxes to send parents everything they need for a hands-on, educational kids subscription straight to their doorsteps.

TinkerTots was designed so parents can spend quality time with their children and create lasting memories. After all, they won’t remember the times they spent using a tablet or watching YouTube Kids, but they will remember their mom or dad on the floor playing with them.

TinkerTots' bright packaging
appealing to all audiences

Romant has been running TinkerTots as a kids subscription company out of her home since August 2019, and it was important to her that the business had custom packaging since there was no brick-and-mortar store to entice parents or properly convey the vibe of the product.

“A cardboard box with a sticker doesn’t give the right feel for what our boxes are all about,” she said. “I wanted parents to see it and not be overwhelmed by it, but for kids to be excited about it when they see it on their front porch.”

Romant had a subscription to Blue Apron and fell in love with the clean, simple design of the boxes and packaging. So, she decided on a white box with a colorful logo and playful stripes. Kids recognize the boxes and get pumped about having five new activities to do with their parents. Plus, parents feel at ease knowing they’re crushing that work-life balance.

Making Life a Little Easier

The toll the pandemic has taken on parents has been staggering. Having to be a professional, a parent, and a teacher or daycare provider all rolled into one is a near-impossible task, so there’s a tremendous amount of guilt for people in that scenario. Parents are beating themselves up because the balancing act is all-encompassing. Romant has walked many miles in these shoes, so with the help of her dear friend and Educational Consultant Ashley Bahr, created 10- to 15-minute activities parents can do with their kids between calls so they can stop beating themselves up. “You don’t have to prep anything for these activities, so you can be that spontaneous, fun parent we all want to be,” Romant said.

She loves the kids subscription service she created and takes every opportunity to pay it forward. One way she does that is by hiring high school girls to help with monthly fulfillments. She focuses on giving the next generation a chance to learn the business and grow their entrepreneurial spirit.

Why TinkerTots Chose Company Box

Since Romant works out of her home at the moment, she loves that box storage isn’t a concern. She orders exactly the amount she needs, eliminating unnecessary shipping and storage costs, and cuts down on waste.

TinkerTots worked with Company Box to create an Ear Lock Mailer Box that appeals to kids and parents alike. A store owner outside of Chicago saw one of the boxes through an influencer. She reached out to Romant to bring TinkerTots boxes into their retail store because the branding was spot-on and knew the boxes would sell. This decision was made from literally just looking at the boxes.

Since TinkerTots’ launch in 2019, CompanyBox packaging has helped the company achieve 200% growth.

dig deeper

Watch the virtual podcast with Katie Romant and CompanyBox Cara Walters. The two discuss balancing motherhood and a successful subscription company during SUBTA’s first Women in Subscription virtual event.

CompanyBox also worked with this woman owned business on eco-friendly packaging that can be found at Anthropologie and Free People.

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Building a brand's reputation with custom packaging

3 Ways To Build Your Brand's Reputation

Building strong brand reputation is an important tool to improve your business’ marketing and advertising goals. In a highly competitive market, having name recognition helps set you apart from the rest. It ensures that consumers remember your brand when they’re in need of your product or service. It also helps your business attract a loyal client base that will continue to support you in the long run.

There are many strategies to create a solid reputation for your brand. Different aspects of the business need to be considered, and strategies should be in line with your brand’s unique messaging. Below, we review 3 key strategies to build your brand’s reputation and ultimately grow your business.

Building a brand's reputation with custom packaging
Promotional events

Promotional events are an interactive and effective way to build your brand. Experiential activities are powerful in building a story and a lifestyle around your products and services. Whether you’re a big tech giant or a small startup, holding events is a compelling way to promote a strong brand reputation and engage with your customers on a deeper level.

While the pandemic has forced businesses to rethink in-person events, there are still many ways to adapt an event for the virtual world while still involving customers. The Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia was able to hold a successful awareness and fundraising event online in support of their Kids Cafe. By delivering thank you boxes to sponsors that included local wine, honey and tea, they were able to bring donors together to end hunger and build their brand even from afar.

honesty and openness in storytelling

Audiences appreciate businesses that are honest and open about their brands. Consumers are now more aware of dishonest branding from companies that market themselves as something they’re not.

A recent article suggests highlighting the factors that make your brand unique by sharing an interesting tidbit about your company’s early days, or telling stories centered around who founded the company and their reasons for doing so. This helps if you have a flexible management structure and visible executive leadership. However, this isn’t always the case with big corporations. ZenBusiness’ guide to forming an LLC in North Carolina says that an LLC benefits by having a flexible management structure. Bigger corporations with more bureaucracy may have a more difficult time in communicating an authentic story of how the business was built. Telling these founding stories is a great way of bringing your customers closer to the brand especially when you’re trying to establish your brand and USP in a very competitive industry.

Building a brand's reputation with custom packaging
Engaging packaging makes a brand more memorable

custom brand packaging

When shaping your brand’s reputation, you cannot overlook strong brand packaging. Studies have shown that customers choose brands off the shelf based on how engaging their packaging is. A study in Cornell found that consumers connected with cereal brands that showed characters on the packaging who appeared to be making eye contact with them. Similarly, custom packaging design that communicates strong brand values is a tool to extend your messaging and promote brand awareness. Design goes beyond logos and colors, and should incorporate things like packaging material and copywriting. For example, biodegradable packaging puts forward the notion that you are an eco-conscious brand. Witty copywriting starts a conversation with your consumers and can make people laugh, leaving a positive impression.

Can we help to boost your brand's reputation with custom packaging? Contact us to collaborate.

Written by Marjorie Alma Canfeild, a guest contributor for the CompanyBox blog.

sealed pizza box

Introducing Our Secure Pizza Box

People have been eating pizza in one form or another for centuries. Even though it has ancient roots, it remains the king of delivery. You can now order cauliflower or gluten free crust and customize it with dozens of toppings, but pizza boxes themselves haven't changed much. With the rise of the pandemic, the CompanyBox team felt it was time to create a zero contact delivery option. Introducing the Secure Pizza Box.

sealed pizza box
Does secure pizza taste better?

We think so. When packing food, no ordinary cardboard box will do. With a single use seal, our customizable pizza boxes will stay closed until the recipient pulls the tear strip. Food stays safely inside until delivery. Always printed with our food-safe and water-based ink. 

The ultimate delivery solution

Creating custom looks is simple. Either use our online design studio or work with one of our in-house team members. Our Secure Pizza Boxes offer the following: 

  • Sealed: For optimal performance, we added a single use seal and tear strip.
  • Food-Safe Ink: Our recyclable packaging is printed using our highest quality 100% water-based ink that is also ECOLOGO certified and FDA approved.
  • Numerous Options: Depending on your needs choose from small, medium, large or extra large.
  • Unlimited Colors: There is no stopping how many colors you use. Take advantage and create a completely customized look.
  • Human Touch: We work hand-in-hand with you, plus everything is printed on site. No shuffling you off to a different supplier.  
get started and customize now!

How to Create Custom Boxes in the CB Design Builder

CompanyBox is here for businesses both big and small. From the initial launch of our company, we knew smaller businesses would probably not have the same graphic and design capabilities as the big players. But we’re all about democratizing packaging, so how do we level the playing field? Enter the new CompanyBox design builder. Not only does it make design easy but it's a tool for anyone, regardless of graphic design skill level. We think an easy way to increase brand exposure is to start making the most of your packaging.

The New CompanyBox Design Builder
No Adobe? No Problem.

Our design builder was created for companies who want to get started without having to hire an outside designer. Companies like Kelly's Kitchen have created one of a kind packaging with our online tools. With our recently upgraded platform, you will now get:

  • Improved 3D preview
  • New guided tour
  • Precision placement
  • New adjustable patterns
  • Upgraded tool bar options
Let's build together

From start to finish, we'll take you through the process. If you can click and point a mouse, you can create a custom design - trust us and watch below.
Note: We change RGB or Hex colors to CMYK for better print quality.

It comes down to this; packaging can improve your customer experience. According to this recent study 86% of buyers will pay more for great customer experience. Let's create that first impression together. Get started with a custom box.